5 Tips to Organize Your Vanity

The new year always makes me want to clean everything out — bathroom, closet, pantry. Pick one spot in your space each weekend to tackle, and by March, your entire place should be neat & organized. Our resident organizer Rachel is back with some tips on how to organize your vanity — maybe do your vanity (drawers in bathroom/linen closet — whatever type of vanity you have) this weekend! — Meg

5 Tips to Organize Your Vanity

Whether you have a dresser or a mirrored vanity, it’s easy for these spaces to become cluttered with products, accessories and all the little tools we use to primp ourselves. Because these pieces are often large furniture items, they often dominate the room, especially in small spaces, so you want to keep them looking nice, neat and organized. And don’t just stick to those hard plastic makeup organizers — there are so many beautiful products out there that will keep your vanity in order while dressing up your dressers.

1. Use a decorative caddy or brush organizer to separate makeup tools by type. You can also use cleaned out Mason jars for a rustic look. Separate your makeup brushes into types, so you’ll have a cup for eye brushes, a cup for blush brushes, etc. This is a much more hygienic way to store brushes than putting them all together in a makeup bag. It will also cut down on time when you are putting your makeup on. And remember to clean them regularly!

2. If you have a lot of styling tools for your hair, install hooks on the side of your dresser (or on the wall nearby) to keep them accessible and tangle-free. Rather than the typical drugstore hooks, use decorative ones in different styles to give your dresser an eclectic touch. These inexpensive hooks can be found at lots of interiors stores, as well as antique and thrift stores.

3. Rather than storing your jewelry in a closed box, choose a tiered tray to keep your baubles on display. Not only is this more visually appealing, but it’ll help you see what you have while you’re getting ready. You can also categorize by type, making it easier for accessorizing.

4. If you have an extra small drawer in your vanity or dresser, maximize the space with drawer compartments or a compartment box to store smaller items. These are great for hair ties, safety pins, smaller makeup applicators — anything that would get lost otherwise if thrown together in a drawer. The Container Store has a huge selection that can fit a multitude of drawers with whatever size of compartments you desire.

5. Finally, make the space feel warm and homey with a lamp or a decorative candle so that you more inclined to keep up with the organization and spend time in the area. A delicate and bright lamp will warm up the space and create more light, especially when placed by a mirror. Choose a candle in a beautiful canister so it becomes part of the decor.