7 Things to Pack for International Travel

Hitha, of Hitha On The Go, is a legit travel expert. The girl has been around the world and back, and around, and back. She’s traveled and lived in countries I only wish I’ll visit in my lifetime, so naturally I wanted her to share her expertise with us! Since I’m a chronic over-packer, I can use all of Hitha’s advice. She’s parlayed this travel knowledge into a company called Portavi. So if you have packing issues like me, you should definitely check it out.

My passport is among my most cherished possessions. It’s also, incidentally, one of my most used travel items as well. I fly internationally multiple times a year, and have curated the following list of things to pack when traveling abroad:

1. A plug adapter.  This one does double duty, with a USB port with the plug input.  It also has you covered for anywhere you may travel to.  Most devices (phones, tablets, laptops) can be charged without a voltage adapter, but check your devices for a labeled 110-240 volts at 50-60 Hertz.

2. Because you have better things to do on your trip than explain a headache to a pharmacist (that speaks no English), a first aid kit is a great thing to pack.  This help kit, along with vitamins and Pepto-Bismol, is always in my toiletry case.

3. To keep in touch with my family (and avoid costly roaming charges), I load up on Skype credit and talk/text with them when in a WiFi zone.  If you must be connected when abroad, call your phone provider a month before your trip to have an international plan added to your phone for the month (or months) of your trip – just be sure to track your data usage.

4. One of the best parts of traveling is purchasing the local treasures.  I like to throw this foldable duffel into my suitcase to bring home souvenirs for my family…and for myself.

5. Printouts of all your travel confirmations. I rely on TripIt for my domestic travel tracking.  Internationally, I’ve found my reservations gone missing with local airlines and hotels.  Err on the side of caution and print out everything.

6. Having local currency goes without saying.  I hit the ATM after clearing customs at my destination (the exchange rate is on par with the freestanding counters).  When traveling for business, I withdraw cash using my corporate American Express – making expense reports a breeze.

7. A map, especially when I’m not using my phone’s data connection, is a necessity.  The hotel front desk will always have one, but I love these Crumpled City Maps – waterproof, rip-proof, and can be stuffed in any bag.

— Hitha

Do you use any of these items in your international travel? If you have any tips, please leave them in the comments, we’d love to hear them!