lulu and georgia

I don’t know if you remember before Lulu & Georgia was open — but the teasers of the branding had everyone excited for what was in store. The illustration by Inslee (below) of the gals holding the rug made you want to know what they were up to. The site got so much traffic the first day it crashed! They quickly fixed it and I don’t think anyone minded. Not a bad problem to have if you ask me…

You know I’m always excited about entrepreneurs (especially women!) so of course I love watching other female entrepreneurs have success, like ladies at Lulu & Georgia.

inslee illustration

The Ankara Poufs go perfectly with my decor (below). They are sturdy but cushy, so you can use them in many ways — for extra seating, to prop up your feet, or as a side table (add a tray or some books). Currently I’ve got them in my living room, but I think they will continue to float around the condo as needed.

meg biram pouf1

This post was sponsored by Lulu & Georgia, all opinions are my own.