ALT Summit in Photos

alt summit

I just returned home last night from ALT Summit and the Las Vegas Market. I wanted to share some photos from ALT today — but will have more info-related posts coming up related to the panel I was on — Social Media! I bunked up with my KC gals Carrie & Morgan of Ampersand. We hopped in the Smilebooth at the Method/Girls With Glasses party (above). Being my third year at ALT it had a totally different vibe for me. Even though many of my good blogger friends weren’t there this year, it was great to see a new crop of bloggers learning as much as they could soak up.

grand america hotel

ALT is always at the dreamy Grand America Hotel. I was so excited it had snowed before we arrived because it just added to the ambiance.

alt summit packing

So this was Morgan & I’s corner in the room… I think I pulled everything out of my suitcase like the tasmanian devil. And I didn’t pick it up until I left.

dance floor

Right as I jumped on the dance floor my absolute favorite song came on — it’s one of the only songs I’ll do karaoke to. Shoop. That’s right. Salt-N-Pepa. Am I aging myself? I’m totally convincing as if I were a rapper myself. I think lip syncing could be a fallback career. I was even Whoppi in a Sister Act lip sync contest in Elementary School in which my group took 1st place, so obviously I’m convincing. Then Montell Jordan came on — please — it’s as if I were in the 6th grade at the roller rink again. Seriously best. music. ever. If you want to see a bunch of late 20-somethings (okay okay 30-somethings) get on the dance floor, put on some 90s hip hop and we go crazy.

red envelope

Me and my to & from co-founder Katie got goofy in the Go Mighty/Red Envelope photo booth. 

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More recaps & info from my trip to come!