battle of the green juices - green juice - health - meg biram

Having just moved into my office, I am working on what my new routine looks like. For the past three years I’ve been working from home which made it easy to make a green juice with my juicer whenever I wanted throughout the day. That is not an option for me anymore (yes, I could get up early and make it before I leave). I want to be realistic about what I will typically do. I used to either make my own green juice, or take a walk (a mile) down to Whole Foods to get a fresh green juice (if your Whole Foods has a juice bar, you can buy a juice card at the service counter — at my WF at least — where you buy 10 fresh juices up front and it’s cheaper).

I know that making green juice each morning is probably not something I will do every day, so I wanted to find the perfect bottled green juice to fill in the days I don’t make it at home. Being a super picky eater, I only picked the green juices I thought (or knew) I’d like. There are a few more in my store that have too much ginger or other strong flavors that I’m not a fan of that I didn’t purchase (these things are expensive!). Each day I’m going to drink one, and will give you my feedback on instagram.

The juices I bought for this week are BluePrint (2 options), Suja and Suja Elements, and a new Whole Foods option. I think WF probably realized they were losing out on the bottled juice biz and they already had the setup to bottle it. I’m glad they started bottling it because I really like their juices.

This battle of green juices only includes the ones that were easy for me to pick up at my Whole Foods. It doesn’t include any juices you can have shipped to you, or other bottled juices you can buy around DC or your own city like Pressed JuiceryJrink, SweetPress by SweetGreen, Evolution Fresh at Starbucks, or Puree — so maybe I’ll do another battle with more green juices.

battle of the green juices - green juice - health - meg biram

Some people think green juice is a fad. I’ve been drinking it for five years, before it became so popular and before you could buy it bottled (maybe in LA but not in most places). I read the book CLEAN and it changed the way I think about food & medicine. I bought a juicer (a cheap one that I still have) and have never looked back.

I didn’t eat most green vegetables until I started juicing (I’m pretty sure I’m a supertaster). When I don’t drink green juice for a few days, I crave it, I start to feel like crap and it usually shows in my skin being not as perfect as it usually is. I definitely don’t eat enough vegetables to replace a juice. The trick to making it the best it can be for you is to try to always have a 2:1 ration of vegetables to fruit. Fruits like pineapple or green apples really help cut the bitter taste of leafy greens so it is possible to have a delicious tasting green juice without a ton of fruit. Also cucumbers and carrots are sweet and help cut down on kale or celery tastes. I got used to the tart bitter taste and now it doesn’t bother me. I don’t like a ton of parsley or ginger in my juices though (there’s the supertaster in me). If you want a juice education I suggest reading CLEAN and taking a deep dive into Kris Carr’s website.

For me, this “fad” is a way of life. Eating vegetables sooooooo important for your health, and I love my green juices and how they make me feel. And the older you get the more easily you can feel the difference between eating healthy and not. I just spent a few days in Kansas City with family and friends eating a lot of Pizza Shoppe (my family’s restaurant and the best pizza you’ve ever had, ever) and crepes from Chez Elle and lemmetellya — there was no green juice going on and in addition to having a perma food baby, my skin was mad at me.

Do you drink green juice? If so, do you make it or buy it? Which is your favorite?

Photos by Meg Biram