october beauty wishlist - meg biram - chanel - nars - ilia - eyeshadow - fresh sugar

I’m going to let you in on a little blogger secret … most of us don’t read that many blogs (or at least as many as we used to). I get asked all the time what blogs I read, and honestly it just depends. Lately I’ve really been into beauty, health and fitness blogs. And all of the sudden I have a major thing for makeup. I’m catching up on years of not caring. Finding the perfect shades for your skin is an arduous task (#firstworldproblems). And then you go from tan (summer) to pale (fall) and it’s another ball game.

I was discussing lipstick with a few other ladies recently and I was thinking — do we all get into lipstick as we get older or is this just a trend? I feel like when I was younger I thought “moms” or “women of mom age and older” wore lipstick, and of course movie stars on the red carpet. Now I feel like everyone can and does wear lipstick — maybe that’s because “everyone” to me is in their late 20s or older…


ILIA lip crayon
I’ve been wanting to try the ILIA brand since so many people have raved about it.

CHANEL quadra eyeshadow in seduction
These colors look A-MA-ZING.

I mean, the packaging.

JIN SOON nail lacquer in rhapsody
This polish brand is new to me, need to try it out and I’m loving this navy shade.

FRESH sugar lip treatment in berry
One of my favorite lip balm/stains — I’ve only used the rose color — fall means time for berry!

LAVETT & CHIN sea salt texturizing mist
Still looking for the perfect sea salt spray — the Oribe didn’t do it for me. Plus I’d rather have a pump then aerosol.

NARS nail polish in light cement gray
Light gray polish seems to be a trend coming up for fall. Must try.

JOUER cheek tint in petal
I’m needing to add more blush options to my beauty stash — I’ve literally only used Benetint and Orgasm for years. Need to add a few more shades.

What beauty products are you loving or wanting to try out this month?