COFFEE TALK // The Email Nazi

So I’m working on some major organization around here. I got back from a quick Philadelphia trip (#blogbizbuzz holla!) this morning and after all the #getshitdone tweets and comments from yesterday’s post about Victoria, I’m doing just that — getting shit done. Me and my blogger buddy Lara were talking about how we handle our email and I think I can say without a doubt that she is the email Nazi.

I’m always asking people how they organize themselves, get their to-do lists done, stay on top of things, etc., which is where the GSD posts came from. But Lara’s email strategy really blew me away. She never lets her inbox get over 50 (because that is the amount of emails you can see on 1 page in Gmail). She files things into folders, and just stays on top of it. I can vouch for that.

My email is OUT OF CONTROL and I’m working on the exact formula that will work for me.  Lara inspired me, so I was up until 1 a.m. deleting, filing, and responding to email last night because my inbox says over 2,000… now I’m down to around 1,700 (oh, and that’s just my MIMI+MEG email). I’m definitely not complaining, it’s more just a statement that it is out of control and I haven’t taken the reigns to get it under control. So my mission is to currently get it under control and keep it that way.

I feel like a cluttered inbox, desktop, home, closets, makes my head feel cluttered, so I’m working on getting it all under control! I’ll do my own GSD soon too, but for now, I’m enjoying learning about everyone else!

What’s your email strategy?
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Photos: Untitled (Cloudscape) Print by Tchmo on Society6 / You Are Here instagram via Kate Spade New York

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