leather pencil case - leather makeup case - blair ritchey - meg biram

I’ve always loved product design, but I was never able to pick just one category. I love fashion, art, interiors, office products — I could never land on one to become an expert in. So I was so excited when leather handbag and accessories designer Blair Ritchey, who you might have gotten to know in her Behind the Biz interview, was up for collaborating with me.

leather sunglass case - leather iphone case - meg biram - blair ritchey

I am a huge fan of her luxury leather (I love leather) products and I had a few ideas of my own. I love olive green. I have multiple olive green shirts, I am constantly attracted to olive green. When it wear it, it makes my eyes more green than blue — I love that. So we introduced an olive green gator leather pencil case and iphone case to a few of Blair’s existing products (the olive is exclusive to my shop), and one product that we collaborated on — the sunglass case — also exclusive to my shop. (Relax, it’s not REAL gator leather, it’s embossed.)

Just FYI today is the LAST DAY my entire shop is 30% off! The discount will automatically be taken at checkout so you don’t have to put in a code. Every product is 30% off until 11:59 PST (1/3/14)!

black leather - gator leather - leather pencil case - leather makeup case - meg biram - blair ritchey

The pencil cases (I’ve got the olive, black, and sorry snake is sold out but you can get one from Blair!) can be for anything (not just pencils) — it’s a makeup case, a lip product case (if you’re one of those people that carries 9 lip products with you, a pen case. I mostly use mine for beauty products and it’s always in my purse. It’s just the right size — small enough, but holds enough. I’ve got a few lip products, perfume, eyedrops and a pen in mine.

snake leather makeup case - pencil case - meg biram - blair ritchey

black leather makeup case - pencil case - meg biram - blair ritchey

leather iphone case - olive leather - gator leather - black leather - snake leather - iphone case - meg biram

These are shots of all three iPhone cases I carry. I’m pretty obsessed with them. I love that they are leather. They are edgy and chic, yet classic at the same time. I’ve got them in olive, snake, and black for the iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and 5S.

sunglass case - wine - meg biram - suede

I’ve also got the sunglass case in a wine suede (in addition to the olive gator and black gator) It’s sooooo pretty. I actually use mine as a mini clutch when I’m going out to eat. I can fit my phone, ID, credit card, lip gloss, and sunglasses. That’s all I need!


Photos by Yvonne Rock  for Meg Biram. Styling by Meg Biram.