Creative Collaborators // A Chat with Patch NYC

I was so excited with Amelia had the idea of interviewing the guys behind PATCH NYC. I love hearing tidbits from creatives behind brands and shops. What a fun duo Don & John are! — Meg

patchnycGorgeous ceramics from PATCH NYC’s collaboration with French design house Astier De Villatte

I had the pleasure of recently interviewing the fabulous duo behind the brand + store PATCH NYC. Today PATCH NYC has morphed into a lifestyle studio creating original art and designing collections of home décor and fashion accessories. Don Carney and John Ross are not only extremely talented guys, but are as warm and personable as can be!

patchnyc3Don and John’s artwork create a warm space inside of the PATCH NYC store

1. Tell me a little bit about the start and evolution of the PATCH NYC brand.

Don : In Manhattan our focus was always wearable accessories; jewelry, scarves, hats, and totes. It wasn’t until we moved to Boston, when we gained more living + studio space, that we started to create more artwork. We first showed the art as original art, then we started applying the images to pillows, totes, candles, and ceramics for our PATCH line. We were able to land collaborations with Anthropologie, West Elm, and Target because we were showing artwork with our jewelry and scarves. We originally began to create art to accent the space where we were showing our collection, but now it’s turned into a big part of what we do!

John : With the Target collaboration, the people at Target really felt that PATCH’s aesthetic would compliment what they were currently working on. This specific collection was more about the PATCH NYC store as a brand and how we as buyers are able to compliment our PATCH collection with other designers and products we love.

patchnyc2PATCH NYC is a mecca for collaborations and creative collections. I can’t visit with out leaving with a gem!

2. What city inspires you the most and why?

John : I’d say Paris.

Don : Definitely Paris, we use to travel there twice a year for trade shows. We were easily inspired by walking around, visiting museums, and checking out other shops.

patchnyc1The exterior of the PATCH NYC boutique in the South End

3. If you could have a cocktail with any artist, fashion designer, or interior designer who would it be and what would you be drinking?

Don : I think we’d both want to have a drink with Tony Duquette.

John : I was just going to say Tony Duquette would be a hoot! I picture him drinking something with an umbrella in it!

Don : YES, a daiquiri!

John : I’d let him choose what we’d drink, I’d be in such awe of him. I’d drink whatever he put in front of me.

Don : If we had to choose a fashion designer, I think we’d agree it’d have to be Dries Van Noten. We love what he does with textiles and we have a similar idea of combining unexpected things.

I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with Don + John about anything and everything related to art and design, from their fashion start in the Big Apple to their exquisite home collaborations. I look forward to seeing their brand continue to shine and picking up a few gems at their store along the way!


Photos courtesy of PATCH NYC