Ok, whoa. Where did the year go!?!

Every year goes by faster and faster and I don’t like it one bit! When I went into a store a few weeks ago and it was decorated for the holidays I literally said no out loud. Just no. I’m not ready for it.

In the last six weeks I’ve been out of town for four of the six, so to say that I’m a little behind on almost everything is an understatement. My place is currently a disaster. My laundry, although clean, is piled up on a chair. My office is full of boxes. My dining room table covered in random travel items.

I figured my wifi situation on my trips wouldn’t be what I’m used to at home and my office, but I overestimated the time I’d have to work, and the download/upload speed of the wifi. Jet lag also took a bit of a toll on me.

Would I do it all over again, absolutely. I freaking love my job and love traveling. But if I owe you an email, well, I’m getting there.



+ I was still in Cabo for the first few days. My flight was cancelled so I got to stay an extra day. Wasn’t mad about that! While it was super fun and relaxing, the slow wifi situation made me behind on work. So I actually took more of a real vacation and just relaxed versus getting much work done while I was there. I probably needed that.

+ When I got back from Cabo, I literally had 10 days (including the weekend) to GSD before I left for Rwanda. I was in major overdrive and got as much done as humanly possible. It was exhausting and a bit of a blur as I was also making sure I had everything together for Rwanda (which included a second round of immunization shots — ouch!).

+ I left for Rwanda on the 14th and returned on the 20th. I got home around 6:30 pm — did laundry, fell asleep, repacked, fell asleep, left for the airport again at 10 am the next day to head to Kansas City for a week-long Thanksgiving extravaganza.

+ Back to Rwanda. It was amazing! I was there with kate spade new york, and I’ll have several posts about the trip coming up in the next few weeks (along with posts about Hawaii and Cabo too!). I’ll leave all the details for the posts, but really, Rwanda is beautiful, wonderful, magical place.

+ Going home for Thanksgiving week was well, active. I had a Friendsgiving and a brunch with college friends, a Thanksgiving with my cousins and a very serious gingerbread house decorating competition (no I didn’t win, my creative teacher sister did!), then “Christmas” with my mom, then my mom’s husband’s 60th birthday all-day-party, then my dad’s 60th birthday party (literally their birthday’s are one day apart), visited my grandpa who isn’t doing so hot, also visited my dad’s mom who is 96 and perfectly healthy, and made room for Pizza Shoppe in my belly not once but twice (my grandpa founded the Pizza Shoppe in 1967)! And that was all before Thanksgiving Day!

+ On Thanksgiving Day my husband and I went to see his side of the family in another city in Missouri (3-hour drive) and then went visit his grandparents also in another town (4-hour drive roundtrip). I think I actually spent more time in the car than I did on the planes. And I slept, a lot. I was coming straight off the Rwanda trip and I literally couldn’t keep my eyes open past 10 pm which is really early for me to be asleep.

+ I got home on Saturday at midnight, slept half of Sunday, and have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off ever since. Did I mention my place is a disaster. It’s a disaster.

The craziest part of all of this — I love it. Almost every minute of it. I love traveling, seeing people, and working really hard. When I don’t have much going on I don’t like it. I need a break every now and then, but I like having a lot going on (to an extent). Bring it.




+ December is one of the busiest times for bloggers. Lots of last-minute content for brands before the holidays are over. So for the next three weeks I will be hunkered down in my studio styling and editing photo shoots, writing, planning, posting…you get the idea. Are you ready for some gift guides?!?

+ I will try to attend as many fun holiday events as I have the energy for.

+ Possibly going to Kansas City for a family thing.




+ Survival.

+ Get my holiday gifts ordered, wrapped, and shipped so they arrive before Christmas.

+ Get back into my yoga groove, and maybe hit up a few SolidCore classes to really kick my Thanksgiving & Pizza Shoppe ass back in shape. Okay maybe not back into shape, more like in better shape. I haven’t been actually in shape for a while…

+ Crossing my fingers that at the end of the month I’ll have time to do some 2016 planning.

+ I’d love to work on my GSD book, but I don’t know if that will happen.

+ Enjoy some hot cocoa and holiday movies.

+ Don’t drop any balls.

Keeping my expectations low and my productivity high this month. I can sleep when I’m dead! Or in January.

Do you have a lot to get done this month? Do you set high or low expectations for yourself pre and during the holidays?


December handwriting by Meg Biram.