DIY // JOY Votive Holders

DIY JOY votive holders // laura parke for #toandfrom

So you all know (I have a hard time writing ya’ll for you all — I say it in my head, but just can’t go there, maybe if I move to Texas…) that I’m not a big DIY-er. That’s not because I’m not good at it or don’t want to do it, I’m actually really crafty and was that girl growing up that went way above and beyond on every project ever. I would become obsessed and if there were options to do different types of projects, I’d do all of them. Seriously. I’d bust out some paper mache and spend hours working on them. I’m sure my non-crafty classmates loved me when I brought multiple pretty kick-ass projects to school which made their apathetic stick houses look even worse. I didn’t care. My little brother would come home with projects and I’d practically harass him until he’d let me help him — hello illustrated alphabet book, sign me up.

Bit of a tangent there, but now you know I was the project queen so it’s not that I’m not capable of being a DIY-er it’s just that being a good one requires lots of supplies. Supplies that have to be stored somewhere. Somewhere requires lots of space. Space is not something I have a lot of. I’ve also moved a lot recently and those things tend to go when you are moving (i.e. given to my sister & her kids). Plus there are so many other amazing DIY peeps out there, which brings me to (finally) Laura and her JOY votive holder DIY she did for to & from. Get all the steps and info on how to create them here.

Photo by Eric Linebarger