FASHION // Party Dress

It would require a level of GSD that I didn’t have in me to have everything done for my party tonight. While as many details as I could take care of are done, there’s a tiny little element that hasn’t happened yet… my outfit!

Party Dresses

While it’s a little too late to order a few dresses, spend a day shopping, or Rent the Runway. I am planning on wearing something in the color family of my brand (I know, you are so surprised), and I may possibly even pants (gasp!). But it’s freaking cold and I’m going to be running around decorating and setting out food so I’m not going to fret over it. I guess I’m not too unorganized… I know that I’ll probably wear something from WINK (the boutique the party is at) because they always have racks full of my style. So there you have it — I won’t know until the hour before the party what I am wearing, and I’m ok with that. Sometimes you have to just let things go, and go with it.

If I would have been super on top of it, I might have ordered some of these gorgeous dresses: silver dress / leather and crepe dress / gold sequin dress / shark tooth dress (I need this in my life)