sporty chic - fashiongasm - workout leggings

I think we can all agree that over-the-knee workout leggings are pretty much the absolute workout staple. They are perfect for running, yoga, barre — everything! I’m all about having chic workout gear (why not!?!) so when I stumbled across these two workout leggings my eyes got big. I prefer to have fewer amazing pairs of (insert anything fashion here) than 20 pairs that are just ok, so I’m all for investing in amazing activewear you know you will wear to death because you feel good in it and it looks good on you.

These art deco-y leggings are Lucas Hugh, and if you get real excited you can get the bra and jacket to go with it. You will for sure have everyone in spin staring at your getup. The gray Adidas by Stella McCartney leggings on the right are more in the lululemon arena of pricing and are still super chic for activewear.