Finishing Touches to Welcome Your Guests

Now that the holidays have passed, we can all take a deep breath. I find that during the holidays, the little things get forgotten due to the massive amount of items on all of our to-do lists. If you prep your home now, the next time you have company you’ll have little to do and all of the finishing touches will be in place. Today, Kyle is giving us all of her ideas for the perfect items to welcome your guests with. — Meg

tips to get ready for guests

If you are hosting guests this winter, here are a few supplies you might want to have on the ready to welcome guests. Each one is functional and will make your place look pretty too!

Thymes Frasier Fir Candles — These candles smell like the holidays, so light ’em up while you can!

Throws — It’s nice to have throw blankets around for anyone who gets chilly. I love Happy Habitat’s That’s Not Fair Isle Throw!

Candy Dishes — I use lots of candy receptacles around the house because they’re pretty accessories and I like to have treats around for guests (and maybe for me too). This vintage covered candy dish would be even more awesome if it were filled with a mix of peanut butter + pretzel + dark chocolate M&Ms!

Matches — Matches come in handy for lighting candles or better yet, for a fire! Shandell’s has great matchboxes like this Malachite one. I also love a good match striker on display, like this gorgeous brass one by AERIN. And if you have no pretty matchbox or striker, a cute shot glass filled with wooden matches looks good too!

Drinkware — Get out mugs and festive barware and put them on a tray so that everyone knows they are welcome to help themselves to a libation of their choice. And don’t forget the party straws and festive cocktail napkins!

Games — Games are excellent family activities and provide a great way to decide who is doing the dishes (i.e. losers have to scrub). I’m a fan of CraniumScrabble, and Catch Phrase. My husband is into Dominos (which are snazzier looking). What are your favorites?

Books — Coffee table books are great to have out when people are just lounging around. It’s much better brain food than Us MagazineAmerican Splendor: the Residential Architecture of Horace Trumbauer, is the perfect crowd-pleaser.

Guest Towels — Stock the bathroom that guests will use with fresh towels. Old-school linen hand towels, like these from Julia B., are so pretty.

Don’t stress if your home is not equipped with everything listed, acquire these items over time. Also, if you’re not hosting but want to grab a last-minute gift for the one who is, all of the above double as good presents.