Floral // Dramatic Halloween

Today I am excited to have our first contributor with us, Erin of Rosehip Floral! She will be showing off her gorgeous floral arrangements over the next few months.

This arrangement was born out of my general disinterest in the goth-y, bloody, creepy side of Halloween.  I am drawn toward the lighter side of this holiday, but these particular elements spoke to me while planning a dramatic Halloween arrangement.  The dark side of this fun and horrific day makes an appearance here, through flora.

Red amaranthus reaches out with fuzzy fingers. Ruby red dahlias are soaking up their last few rays of sunlight. Eggplant callas are cloaked like Dracula himself. Hairy dark millet prepares to howl at the moon. Iron cross begonia leaves with bumpy ‘skin’. And local old man’s beard is just plain ghosty.

ARRANGEMENT ELEMENTS: Red Amaranthus, Millet, Schwartzwalder Calla Lilies, Ruby Red Dahlias, Iron Cross Begonia leaves and straight-off-the-fence Old Man’s Beard (I didn’t know this is a type of Clematis!).

Enjoy the holiday however you may – and don’t be too scared of the neighbor’s bushes as you Treat Or Treat tonight!