FLORALS // Indian Summer in the Winter

I don’t know about you, but I only like chilly weather in November and December. A bit of frost and snow for the holidays is fine by me, but when the new year rolls around I’m ready for the sun again. So I’m totally jealous of my friends down in the warm southern states, like Erin in Austin, who was inspired by the Texas Indian Summer for this gorgeous arrangement. — Meg

indian summer arrangement

While some lucky individuals and families jet off to exotic tropical locations to escape the ‘winter blahs’ we here in Texas haven’t had much winter weather.  This arrangement was inspired by our never ending ‘Indian Summer’ (which finally ended Christmas Day).  If you aren’t able to run away from the cold perhaps these images will warm you up a bit.

Borrowing a bit from the desert modern aesthetic I kept the colors muted and used tillandsia xerographica in a low matte rectangular planter. Pastel peach gladiola blossoms bring to mind tropical fruits like mangos, guavas and papaya. To make the arrangement more festive metallic elements were added. White China mums are dusted with silver metallic paint and leatherleaf fern is doused in gold. For the finishing touch silver brunia is dotted with shiny jingle bells.





I hope that everyone’s celebrations were warm and pleasant!

— Erin of Rosehip Flora, photos by Sarah Wymer