GALLERY WALL no.1 (New!)


A new column today — Gallery Wall. I have a much-overdue date with the framers for several pieces of work I’ve acquired recently, then I should have a Gallery Wall of my own, finally! Each week I’ll put together some great art for you. It may all go together, or there might be a theme, or I just might like it. No restrictions here. I will aim to show work from all types of artists in different price ranges, that I’m fond of.

When it comes to artwork, I like the collection process to be somewhat organic. You do have to take wall space into consideration, but I think you should collect items you love. If there is a piece I see that I continue to think about for a while — I know that it’s something I should really consider purchasing. I like to collect work from lesser-known artists, friends, black & white photography, and mix it with prints that I’m drawn to. Having worked as a designer at Hallmark, I have lots of talented friends to collect from.