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I’m always looking for apps to help me save time or just make life easier.

Here are four apps to help you GSD (get shit done):

LOVELY — This app makes searching for a new apt easier than ever. Looking for a new place is such a pain, but Lovely makes it easy to do on your phone so you can do it during all those annoying times when you are waiting in line.

SHOEBOXED — I recently learned about this app from an ebook I was reading (I know, I write ebooks and read them!). Being able to take a photo of a receipt and have an app store it digitally for you and funnel all your business info into it where it organizes it for you — YES YES YES.

GOOGLE DRIVE — I’m not sure when Google Drive became an app, but I didn’t know about it until recently. I love it because I can alter any of my hundreds of Google Docs right from my phone. So much love.

POCKET — You know when you come across an article but you don’t want to read it right then, and you know if you “bookmark it” it just goes into your black hole of 451752474 bookmarks? Pocket is the answer.

Please tell me some of your favorite apps!


Photo by Abby Jiu

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