#GSD Workshop // San Francisco

Have you guys heard about Makeshift Society? As their tagline says, it’s a clubhouse for creatives to make, learn, teach and think. It’s the baby of biz whiz Rena Tom with help from her friends Victoria and Suzanne, and is located in San Francisco… and I’ll be there. November 4th, giving my first #GSD Workshop.
#GSD (get shit done) goes perfectly with the Makeshift saying above, because you really can make who you are. You just need to get organized first. It will be a 2-hour workshop for you to sort through four areas of your life, and leave with actions steps for each. Is your digital life complete chaos? What about your closet, how many items do you still have that you haven’t worn in over a year? Mmmhmm. I know. And what about your business or blog, on top of things are you there? Don’t worry, being on top of everything is a lot. A lot a lot. But I’m going to help you get there with some easy steps that you can do now and others that will continue over time. Get your tickets to the first #GSD Workshop here.
While I’m in town, I’ll also be doing regular one-on-one consults, so if you are interested, email me and we’ll get something on the schedule.