Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays! I took a bit of an unannounced break over the holidays to spend quality time with family and friends. Today I even got a text from a friend of mine asking if I was alive since I had been absent here and on social media for the past few days. (Thanks friend!) Sometimes you just need a break from the computer for a few days.

I’m in very chilly Kansas City. I just wanted to pop back in and share a few photos. I may or may not be around for the next few days. We’ve got some family/hospital things going on and I just want to be present while I’m home. I hope all of you are spending time with your family and friends this week too!

Above is me with my adorable niece.

wrapped la

I wrapped my packages this year with gorgeous paper from Wrapped. A new company that believes that “wrapping paper can be a work of art” so obviously I was on board. The paper is high quality and like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Naturally I was drawn to the painted prints and the animal hair. Above are some packages for my husband’s family wrapped with the paper from the Venice series and a simple gold or silver ribbon. Thanks to Wrapped for letting me test some of their papers!

christmas yard decorations

This is real. This is a real house in real life. No judgement here — I was definitely entertained while looking at it. This home in particular has this crazy collection of blowup holiday yard decorations in memory of their daughter that passed so it’s a sweet tribute. They get an A+ for holiday spirit. And to be totally honest, I feel like there was a huge lack of holiday lights up this year.

What’s the deal people, where’s your spirit? Why no lights? 

To me, holiday lights transcend religion. Regardless of your affiliation or beliefs, the holidays are a magical time of year where it’s important to take time be with family and friends and show them you love them. So put up some damn lights and hug your family members because you want to. Happy Holidays!