HIGH FIVE // Mexican Serape & Sculptural Pieces

high five july 8 - meg biram


ONE // This giant sculptural Saint Laurent pendant can turn any black top into an amazing outfit.

TWO // Having lived in Mexico for a period of time, it’s culture has a place in my heart. I’m always drawn to the traditional Mexican serapes so this colorful pouf definitely has my attention.

THREE // If you see someone wearing these caged woven leather booties you will want to know where they got them. They look amazing on. My friends over at the new shop ANTHOM introduced me to these beauties.

FOUR // Kelly Wearstler has a few new pieces (I’m of course dying over). This Diva Dish makes my heart skip a beat.

FIVE // There’s just something about the colors and the sheen to this Christopher Kane floral-print organza blouse that has me fixated.

Do any of these items have you giddy like me?