HOLIDAY // Printable Gift Tags

Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags // Ampersand Design Studio for #toandfrom

If for some crazy reason you didn’t make it to the end of to & from (maybe your eyes glazed over from all of the amazing gift ideas, or maybe you started shopping on page 7 and never went back, or maybe you clicked on blogger you had never seen before and you started reading their blog back through the archives, and then you clicked on their Pinterest, and we all know how that ends up — three hours later you are wondering what the heck you had been doing all day) but I promise it’s worth it flipping through to the end, because the end is just as good as the beginning. The talented ladies over at Ampersand Design Studio, Carrie & Morgan, designed some killer FREE printable gift tags for to & from readers that can be printed out at home for you to use on your holiday packages! 

Free printable gift tags // Ampersand Design Studio for #toandfrom

Get a roll of craft paper, some fun yarn, and these gift tags will do the rest to dress up your holiday packages! The coolest part is that you can’t find them in stores, so they are extra special (although they should be in stores, hello Target — these are calling your name!).

Click here and make sure to flip to the end! Click where it says on the page to view the gift tags and print!

Photos by Ampersand Design Studio