Holiday Travel Guide

Hitha is back just in time for your holiday travels! Ironically I’m leaving soon for the airport to catch my flight back to Kansas City for an extended holiday! Yipee! Family, friends, and lots of food and drinks. I’m planning on heading to my favorite yoga studio in Kansas City, I hope that actually happens… — Meg
P.S. I’m in love with the booties below!

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Traveling during the holidays is rough. Indeed, it’s one of the roughest travel times of the year – the airports are pure mayhem, the weather starts to take a turn for the worse, and you have to figure out how to fit all your gifts in your already-full suitcase – to AND from your destination.

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I’ve been there. And I’m here with some tips to make your holiday travels much easier.

  • Don’t pack your sneakers. Unless you’re training for some race or are highly disciplined with rigorous cardio workouts, there’s no reason to stuff bulky running shoes into your already full suitcase. Tone It Up, Blogilates, and Ballet Beautiful all have great workouts that can be done without sneakers – these are my favorites. Grab a sibling or cousin for a pre-feast yoga class.
  • Pack carry-on only – and a single, small bag at that. Unless you’re among the first to board, the overhead bins quickly are filled with rolling suitcases. Pack the utmost essentials in a squashy duffel bag that can be stuffed under your seat.  I featured this Longchamp duffel previously, but can’t emphasize what a great bag it is. I’ve also used this Puma bag – it fits under any seat perfectly.


If you need to pack a proper suitcase, it’s worth paying the extra fee for economy preferred seating.  The nominal fee gives you extra legroom and priority boarding.  Gate-checking the bag is also an option, and your bag is always among the first in the baggage claim.

  • Ship the gifts you receive, rather than packing them up.  I like to pick up the largest flat rate USPS box when I arrive at my destination. All gifts are packed in the box on the 25th, and dropped off at the post office on the morning of the 26th.
  • Keep your coat on hand at all times.  It can double as a blanket on the chilly flight, or as a makeshift chair in a full seating area in the airport. I never travel without my wool blazer – it’s chic, warm, and makes an excellent seat/blanket/pillow.
  • Download your airline’s smartphone app – the mobile boarding pass saves time waiting in line, and it keeps you updated on delays and gate changes (which are rarely announced in airports). Make sure your phone is fully charged – or have an external battery on hand.
  • Wear a warm dress, tights, and chic flats when traveling. In case your flight is severely delayed, you’ll look holiday-ready straight off the plane.  This dress, tights, and shoes make up my go-to travel outfit.

What are your tips to making traveling during the holidays easier? Share in the comments below.

— Hitha

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