Las Vegas Recap


Last week I was in Las Vegas for the Las Vegas Market (held at Las Vegas Design Center / World Market Center Las Vegas). I was lucky enough to have a day to wander around the city before the market opened and it couldn’t have been a nicer day. Ok it could have been warmer, and in that case I would have had a long look at the pool — but instead it was chilly but the skies were blue and it felt like fall. Or winter for Vegas. Anyway, I thought I’d share some photos I took while there. Photos from the actual market to come in another post.


Since I was in Vegas solo, I filled my evenings with Cirque du Soleil. You can’t take photos during the show, but I had to get one in before it started. I saw Zarkana and O. If at all possible, go so see O. The stage itself is amazing. I could go see it again and again and watch a completely different show. The next two I want to see are Beatles Love and Zumanity. I love Cirque!

caesars palace

Like I said — blue sky! This is outside Caesar’s Palace.


The lighting in ALLSAINTS was sick! This dress, also sick. And on sale. And unfortunately way too short for me.


And the hooks they had in the dressing rooms were pretty much the coolest things I’ve ever seen.


I’m not exactly sure what type of shrine this was but it was cool.


The Chihuly ceiling in the lobby of The Bellagio is amazing!

bellagio fountains

The fountains at The Bellagio are even cooler in person. For real.


Also the exhibit in The Bellagio Conservatory was the 2013 Chinese New Year. Pretty amaze.


Paris. In Vegas.


I am constantly amazed by Mother Nature. I mean, look at this. Not only that, but it was taken with my iPhone, through dirty plane windows!

My take on Vegas: It would have been way more fun with friends. I was so tired after ALT that I was like a zombie every night while in Vegas. It took all my energy just to go see Cirque and get dinner somewhere each night. Then I went back to my hotel (the Aria — which was awesome) and took a long bath in the giant tub. Every. Night. So not your typical Vegas trip. It did not involve heavy drinking, gambling, staying out past 10 p.m., spa treatments and laying out by the pool. I did have fun, the market was great, just a non-typical experience. I won’t go again without friends though.

Photos by Meg Biram