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Um, I’m looking for Cass’s 95 Yesler office in DC. Hello windows! I doubt I can find anything like that for my price range, but white walls and windows will do.

I’ve been married for 8.5 years. And I can honestly say I am still madly in love with my husband, even more now if that’s possible. Sure we’ve had ups and downs in the almost 12 years we’ve been together, but anytime I read a story about a relationship I put myself into it. This one — A Warrior Learns a Different Pose — brought tears to my eyes. So beautifully written.

Is exercise as potent as medicine? I’m no scientist, but I’d dare to say yes.

Have you ever heard of the airline WestJet? Me neither until this GENIUS marketing video — WestJet Christmas Miracle.

26 Problems only Anxious People Will Understand — this is hilarious. #16 — god I love her. #18 & #20 the GIFs made me laugh so hard. I freaking love GIFs. I feel better now because I thought I would identify with a ton of these, but I realized I actually don’t — which is good. Wait is that an anxious thought? I do check if I locked the car like three times. Shit, now that our car just got broken into maybe I should just leave it unlocked … except then probably some homeless person would sleep in it or something. And thanks a lot to the dumb ass who broke out our window and did other damage to our car last week and who got NOTHING because we keep NOTHING in our car because we live in DC and aren’t complete morons that leave stuff in their car just to tempt people to break in. Karma’s a bitch, and I hope it costs you a lot more than the $500 it cost me. I’m just glad I didn’t leave my yoga mat in there. I like my yoga mat.

Forbes asked its editors for their recommendations on The Best Books of 2013. I haven’t read any of them, so there’s more to add to my never-ending book list.

I actually loved this Carrie Bradshaw article on because personally — even though people always relate me to Carrie for some reason — I thought she was selfish, needy and unrealistic. I might be a little selfish or unrealistic at times, but needy — no. Sure, I thought the show was entertaining, I actually really liked it. I mean, it’s TV — it’s not supposed to reflect the real life of a struggling writer in NYC because let’s be real, you don’t own that many Manolos if you’re like Carrie, or if you do you have major debt or a trust fund.

I love it when celebs feel moved to take a stand on something & say something public that you can tell by the writing bothers them. Rashida Jones, bravo.

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