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So today’s links are unintentionally almost all about food & fitness! I guess you can see what’s on my mind!

My friends over at One Kings Lane just launched a new site — Hunters Alley. It’s basically like an eBay for good vintage (photo above via Hunters Alley).

Since I’m not a HUGE fan of cooking/being in the kitchen, I definitely learned a few things from these 18 Daily Habits That Make Life In The Kitchen Better. My tip (even though I don’t do it) is I’ve heard some people will separate out their spoons, knives, and forks into the utensil baskets in the dishwasher, so when it’s done they can just grab the bunch from each basket and toss is into the different sections of their utensil drawer without having to sort them.

I really love going to Bikram yoga, so this story made me sad. However I don’t think it should reflect poorly on those who teach or own studios.

This is SO HELPFUL. I never know which type of onion I need!

This essay about being a sorority girl is pretty hilarious. She could have been a Kate Middleton double when she was brunette!

I always thought my sister was crazy for letting her kids go at it every night — especially when they gave their dog away who was basically their resident floor cleaner/garbage disposal. But she lets her kids make a giant mess and feed themselves every night (gives me slight anxiety just thinking about it). I guess she knows that she’s doing though … some people say letting your kids serve themselves might be worth the mess.

Somehow I just found out there was a Barre3 in Georgetown. And a Pure Barre in Dupont. Where have I been? At Bikram apparently. Going to have to check those out. I like to change up my workouts. Keeps it interesting.

Boooooo! What Not To Eat If You Feel Like You’re Getting A Cold. Just a photo of a donut makes my mouth water for donuts…

This Disloyaly Card idea is hilarious and genius. I love local coffee shops and there are a ton of amazing ones in DC. Unfortunately for them, there are none close to my place and there’s a Starbucks up one block. I can always count on Starbucks for location (being everywhere) and a consistently good latte, so I could never boycott them entirely (and I like their coffee), but if there’s a local coffee shop where I’m going I will always choose local when it’s available.

Good to know about food dyes.

We have a new cocktail over at The B Bar How To Create an Editorial Calendar for your blog! If you feel really confused and unorganized on your blog, this is a great ebook to help you with that! And I must mention that The B Bar’s blog that Victoria and I pen, has some awesome posts — you should check it out: The Well. The B Bar is on Twitter & Facebook too.

hunters alley - one kings lane - vintage - meg biram

Images courtesy of Hunters Alley