the paloma

Pretty sure I need to have a Paloma when the weather gets warm. (above via Oh So Beautiful Paper)

It’s the end of an era. Google Reader is going away. So if you read THE EDIT via Google Reader, you are going to have to make the switch to another feed. And I actually don’t suggest Feedburner because there’s been talk that is also going away at some point. If you’ve never heard of Bloglovin’ that is the reader that I use and you can follow me there, just click here.

Soooooo the news… I’ve mentioned before (either on the blog or in social media) that I’ve been working on one more biz project, and it is finally getting close to launching. It will be fully explained on Monday right here, but you can get a peek at the new project/biz I’ve been working on with Victoria here — the b bar. If you want, you can sign up for the newsletter for updates, or find it on Facebook & Twitter as well.

Who’s jelly that Grace got to hang out with the amazing Lulu Frostme!

One of my favorite interior decor & furniture shops.

This is real people. A real live Nailmatic.

I do think I’d be darling at it.

This board has me aching for a vacation.

Ok, I’m off to run 8 miles… :/  What are you up to this weekend? What were some of your favorite blog posts & articles around the web? Leave me a link in the comments.