LINK LOVE // Weekend Mornings

moroccan bedroomPhoto via The Marion House

I’m always curious what people do with their weekend mornings. Do you sleep in? Do you read? Do you get up bright and early and go on a jog? Do you cook breakfast? What do you do?

I typically let myself naturally wakeup. For the past several years my husband has been working on his graduate degree/thesis, so we are both usually on our computers in silence for a few hours. I catch up on blogs and reading, and he works on his thesis. He usually gets up before me, so I awake to freshly made coffee, and sometimes even breakfast! If is sunny I’ll head down to the pool around noon (which I’m about to do right now). What do you do on weekend mornings?


If you read blogs through Google Reader, then you’ve probably switched over to Feedly or Bloglovin already considering Google Reader is no more. I’ve used Bloglovin for years, but am testing out Feedly as well. Don’t forget to follow me if you prefer to read blogs that way! (Bloglovin)

I have an obsession with Paloma drinks so this Fresh Paloma looks amazing.

I’m newly obsessed with beauty, food, and fitness blogs. A few of my new faves: JillFit, Seed to Serum, and Love and Lemons.

Loved Casie’s Wise Words post — You’ve got to change your gaze…

30 Signs You’re Almost 30 — You may have seen this on my social but it’s spread like crazy so if you are one of the few who haven’t seen it yet, it’s hysterical. I can identify with almost all of them. Also Life In Your Early 20s vs Life In Your Late 20s — also hilarious. And mostly true.

If I ever have kids, I will be combing Oh Happy Day for inspiration as Jordan is the queen of it. Loved this Honeycomb Garland DIY.

I’m excited to try these new-to-me green juices by Suja.

Loved Brighton’s red, white & blue look.

Just last night I finished reading The Art of Fielding. I picked it up at the famed DC bookstore Politics & Prose where it was on the Bestsellers shelf. I trust the opinion of the people who work there, and also the cover of the book was beautiful. I didn’t know anything about how the author, Chad Harbach, was basically unknown prior to this novel and now is a pretty big deal as the book has sold over 250,000 copies (as of April 2012, LA Times). I’ll be including it in a book list soon.

If you love Frenchies beware, you may die of cuteness...

Have a great weekend!