look back - july - august - summer 2013 - meg biram

Now that it’s September (tear) it’s always fun to look back and assess your summer. Mine was filled with relaxing by the pool and working. A few trips to NYC, back home to Kansas City, nothing too crazy. And our pool is open for another month or so (I know, score!) so I can ease my way into fall with a nice tan. That is necessary as I’m not a fan of winter and come January/February I get seasonally down. This year I’ll be heading for the beach during that time (I just decided that was for sure going to happen).

First Row: I cannot believe I just found the Farmer’s Market within walking distance to my place in the past month. They have delicious tomatoes and peaches and every week I go buy mounds of them. I know the peaches are coming to an end soon so I’m eating two per day while they’re good. Saturday I bought 2 sweet potatoes, 7 or so tomatoes, 4 peaches and 6 HONEYCRISP apples for $16. SIXTEEN DOLLARS. So good. // I said tomatoes… I’ve been eating them with burrata, EVOO, balsalmic and basil. Constantly. I literally close my eyes while I’m eating so I can really get the full flavor and focus on how amazing it is. // One of the best things about August — all the September issues come out.

Second Row: When I was in KC speaking at Go Blog Social, I was able to steal a night away with my friends. We ate at Port Fonda (highly recommend) and then had some ice cream from Murray’s. We tried to find a psychic just for fun and watch each other get read — and Westport (where we were) is like psychic central — and NONE of them were open. Boo! // Pool time with the September issue of InStyle. // A little photo shoot at my fave coffee place Dolcezza. Aren’t their floors cute?

Third Row: Loving this tarte lipstick from my friend Dallas Shaw’s glossybox. // I said I’ve been spending lots of time at the pool, right?!? // I tried some UNREAL candy. It’s all of your favorite types of candy but without all the bad crap in it. I mean, yes it still has sugar. It’s not made of kale here, but no GMOs, no corn syrup, no preservatives, etc. It’s gooooood.

Fourth Row: I have a thing for BCBG. They have amazing sales, great customer service, and I feel like they went through a revival. They’ve had some amazing clothing lately. Like these wedges… (sorry they are gone). // I still have a few hydrangeas left from the doughnut brunch photo shoot. // The Mr. and I got real ambitious and decided to bike 32 miles down and back on the Mr. Vernon trail. Not having pulled out my bike all summer and going straight to 32 miles was surprisingly ok until the last two miles. My quads started to BURN. And they continued to burn for the rest of the day. I was scared I wasn’t going to be able to walk the next day, but was surprisingly fine.

How was your July & August?