Luggage Essentials // 3 Pieces You Absolutely Need

You don’t even want to see what my luggage looks like. I’ve had it since I got married (almost 8 years ago!) so it’s really on it’s last leg. I’m on the hunt for new luggage so Hitha’s post couldn’t have come at a better time. — Meg

lo & sonsImage via Lo & Sons

Next to packing for a multi-city trip (like our dear Meg did for Alt Summit and Las Vegas), selecting the right luggage is an equally daunting task. Hardcase or soft? Two wheels or four? Expander or no expander? Yes, it’s a pain. “What luggage should I buy?” is a question I’m asked often.

Here are the answers:

lo & sonsImage via Lo & Sons

1) Travel Tote — It’s my last-packed and first-unpacked item, my travel tote. In addition to carrying the essentials (laptop, electronics, flight essentials), it should also be spacious enough to fit your toiletries, makeup, and even a spare pair of shoes. To my knowledge, there are only two bags that do this – the Lo & Sons OG & OMG. It has padded compartments for laptops and tablets, tons of little pockets for personal items, and even a shoe pocket. Both bags are great options for an overnight trip too. When you’re not lugging it through airports, it makes for the perfect gym bag. Well worth the price tag.


2) Duffel — I’ve talked ad nauseum about my go-to Longchamp duffel (here and here), but it’s really that great. Duffels are perfect for the 2-5 day trips – think wedding weekends, mini-vacations, and visits back home to your parents. In addition to this Longchamp duffel, I also like this Puma bag and this splurge-worthy Louis Vuitton.

3) Wheeled Suitcase — I have firm beliefs on a number of things. For suitcases, it’s hardcase & four wheels, all the way. Hardcase suitcases are universally lighter than their soft counterparts, thus much easier to lift into the overhead compartment. The four wheel suitcase allows you to gently push it alongside you as well as the common drag-behind- you action. My favorite is this hardcase from Heys USA, but this Tumi and Rimowa models are also excellent options. A suitcase is a worthy investment, especially when you calculate the cost of not checking in a bag + the number of times you’ll use it over the years. You’ll notice that I didn’t include a check-in suitcase – and that’s because whatever you have at home will suffice. If you’re traveling abroad via trains and buses, I highly recommend only packing a carry-on. If you must invest in a new check-in bag, look at purchasing a Heys luggage set — the value is great, and having a matching luggage set is tres chic.

Hitha Palepu