MANIFESTO // Dreamin’ of Revelry + GSD Tee

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When I listen to Revelry by Kings of Leon I go into a trance. It’s definitely my favorite Kings of Leon song, and I love the word revelry — defined as noisy partying or merrymaking, or lively and noisy festivities, especially when these involve drinking a large amount of alcohol. Since I turned 30 this month, the word seemed more than fitting for April’s MANIFESTO word. Sometimes you just need to go out and have a really good time.

As always, the tees are limited edition so nab yours up while I still have them HERE!

The tee is a white crew neck with the word revelry in gold foil. It is a FITTED women’s cut tee which means it’s a tighter cut. I personally wear a small and it fits close to my body and I will NOT be drying it in the dryer. It’s a super soft cotton jersey. Please know that gold foil (in any capacity) will wear off at some point. So if you love this tee and you wash it and dry it a million times the gold foil will fade eventually (which might even look cooler). Just a warning. As always, there is a size chart in the photos for each top.

Continue reading to see the results from the GSD vote! (For the newbies — GSD means get shit done! See all of my GSD posts here.)

GSD (get shit done) tshirt

The vote was so close between #1 and #3, but #3 had a few more votes! The GSD tee is an eco-heather gray crew neck with GSD in black print. It features a bound crew-neck collar and blind stitching on sleeves and hem. The fit is a unisex regular fit. Please see size chart in photos. Eco-heather is an eco-friendly fabric that is created by blending traditional fibers with organic cotton, recycled polyester (made from recycled bottles) and rayon (made from converted plant cellulose).

Get your GSD tee HERE!

According to the manufacturer for the Unisex Regular Fit — women typically stay in their size or for a tighter fit buy a size smaller than usual, while men generally buy the same size or one size larger. I personally fit into the XS and S, but prefer the slight loose fit of the Small over the tighter fit (for me) of the XS.

I think I’ll be wearing my GSD tee a lot…

MANIFESTO is Meg’s line of limited edition tops. Each month has a theme or “manifesto” for the month. The word on each tee is Meg’s handwriting, not a font.