Monday Funday


Wait, is Monday ever Funday? Maybe for those at Coachella. I can’t even look at my instagram… too painful. Sorry for the partial silence around here the past few days. I’ve been working like mad on the next issue of to & from (coming out THIS WEEK!). Um can you say plate = too full? Once again I bit off a little more than I could chew (do you see a theme here…) with launching The B Bar last week, the spring issue of to & from coming out this week, hosting the ALDO event on Friday night (psst, you can win $100 to ALDO — read this post to find out how), speaking at the American University Social Learning Summit on Saturday, oh and taxes… ya. I don’t even know which day is Monday anymore! But this is the end of the crazy-work-all-weekend-every-weekend stint for me. I’ve got a stack of magazines up to my belly button (seriously). A yoga membership in dire need of usage. Oh ya, and that half marathon I’m running in two weeks but haven’t trained for the past three weeks due to a knee injury that I haven’t been able to make better… ya that (insert scared face here). I’ll run that thing if it kills me.

Anyway, I’m super excited about everything I mentioned above and that the bulk of the “heavy lifting” is almost over because my shoulders are about to tense up to no return. Thanks to my dear friend from KC I have a birthday massage to schedule to take care of those. We’ve got more fun cocktails to roll out in the coming weeks at The B Bar, the spring issue of to & from is going to be awesome, I should be getting the April MANIFESTO tees this week (sorry they are so late — printing communication issue) but hey — they’re filling the pool up at my place!

What I don’t like about biting off more than I can chew in a normal, we’ll say 70-hour workweek, is that then my blog suffers, and I don’t like that. Not to mention my actual life as well. But hey, no one says being your own boss is easy, right?!? I’m here to tell you that it’s not. But it’s still totally worth it and I’m happier in my career than I’ve ever been. Additional wrinkles, gray hairs, tense shoulders and all.

After today (and maybe tomorrow) I should be back on track to normal. Normal posts. Normal life.

So if reading about my tense shoulders wasn’t interesting enough for your Monday (I know, it’s not) — today I’m over on La La Lovely sharing a little bit about my messes (see photo of my desk above), and recently on Social Stylate in for their Boss Lady column.

Have a great day!