My Entrepreneurial Journey & The B Bar

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Those of you that have been reading my site for a while now, or following me on twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or know me in person, probably know that I am an entrepreneur at heart. I just can’t help myself. I’m an idea girl. I can’t even stop them from coming on. Something similar to how Elizabeth Gilbert explains in her TED video (I highly encourage you to watch it in its entirety). I have learned techniques for relaxing because over my entire life the flood of thoughts through my brain has given me trouble falling asleep.

Back to entrepreneurism. For me, I believe it stems from the fact that my family is full of entrepreneurs. I’ve always been surrounded with encouraging people who’ve supported even my out-there ideas — even if they thought I was a little crazy (actually I’m sure they did) — but I happened the think that the people who are a little crazy are usually also brilliant, or at least crazy enough to take risks. Usually setting out on your own isn’t typically a walk in the park. I know it wasn’t easy for me. It was hard. Hard hard. But now it’s good, ya know, after the hard. After leaving my job at Hallmark Cards in 2011 after almost five years there, I moved to Washington D.C. with my husband, and went into blog/biz mode full force. Except I didn’t really know what the part biz was going to be exactly. I thought I did. I didn’t. It took me a while to figure it out, and over the months I did. In addition to my blog (which was MIMI+MEG at the time), I started doing social media consulting and implementation as well as freelance graphic design work.

Last October I relaunched my blog, rebranded from MIMI+MEG into a website and a blog The Edit. I also had several other businesses and projects that I was working on launching. The first project to & from gift guide magazine that I co-founded with Katie launched in November 2012, the second launched this January, MANIFESTO — a limited edition line of fashion tops (I wanted one for each month of the year, hence the January launch), and the third is The B Bar — launching soon. All three of these fairly major projects will have ended up launching within a 6-month period. So honestly I feel like I am just now able to breathe — sort of. My workload is completely self-inflicted. I work well under pressure, the projects were timely, and heck — I want to do it all! But don’t take me for someone with work/life balance as currently that does not exist in my life, although in the summer I am liberal with my pool time and will make up for it.

the b bar - resources for bloggers and businessesEnough about my entrepreneurial journey, what the heck is The B Bar? Let’s start with how I met my co-founder of The B Bar — Victoria. We go way back (not really) and met at where else but ALT Summit in 2012. Our mutual friend Tobe told us we had to meet, and of course she was right. We were insta-friends. We started chatting via Skype and phone about business since we were both basically doing the same thing, out there in the Wild West of blogging and online consulting. We knew we wanted to work together in some capacity. During one phone conversation last fall (after we had chatted over pizza and beer while I was in SF) we were talking about the evolution of our businesses, and of course we were both thinking the same thing. There it was. Our business together. It was one of those moments where my entire body started to tingle and I was like Victoria. Vic-tor-i-a… That. Is. It.

We started fleshing out the concept. I was getting lots of requests to put my BLOG BIZ BUZZ seminars on video so people could purchase them, and we both wanted to take the consults that we do over and over again and turn them into easy-to-use guides for bloggers, businesses, shop owners, and marketing/PR professionals. We both wanted to help evolve the industry of blogging and online media. I must credit Victoria for the name — it came to her on a plane, and we both know it was the one.

The B BarCocktails and Cure-alls for Blogs and Businesses — will be stocked with cocktails, also known as e-books. We will constantly be adding fresh cocktails for your consumption. We’ve enlisted other professionals to give you all the info you’ll need about legal information, accounting, and all that mumbo jumbo because last time I checked I did not go to law school or get A’s in math.

The B Bar isn’t just for bloggers — if you have a shop, a brand, or work for a business that reaches out to bloggers, we’ve also got special drinks for you.

I have to say that this, of each of the businesses I’ve started, this one gives me a different type of joy. Helping other people find the information they are seeking (that I probably spent weeks and months figuring out the hard way) puts a huge smile on my face. I started blogging in 2007 when blogging wasn’t really considered a business yet and social media didn’t exist. Facebook was just a way to stalk chat with friends on the web. In the 5+ years I’ve been blogging the industry has evolved so much, and I posted my way through it. So this business really means a lot to me, as I know it also does for Victoria (read her biz evolution on her blog today). We also worked cocktails into the business, so that’s always a plus. Not to mention the amazing illustrations we commissioned Kristina Hultkrantz to do for The B Bar. We couldn’t be happier with how it has all come together and we are so excited to share it with you soon!

While we all wait for happy hour to start, you can follow The B Bar on Twitter and Facebook (we’ll be sharing great links and resources in these two places that won’t be on the website), and you can also sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when the Bar is open.

Bottoms up!