OLYMPICS 2012 // Red

Besides the whole NBC-not-airing-events-as-they-happen and then announcing the results before they air it — I’ve been enjoying the London Olympics. I think they finally figured out that they can’t talk about who wins until they air it on primetime, duh. I have to be really careful when I look at twitter too. I like to enjoy watching the events without knowing the results.

I think it’s just so amazing that the world has come together for the Olympics for so long. I love hearing all of the stories behind the athletes, the funny coach from Russia that calls his gymnasts divas, learning more about London, I could go on…

So in the spirit of the Olympics I’m going to do a roundup each day this week with the colors from the Olympic logo.

RED: leather bag / red platform pumps / braided friendship bracelet / paint the town red iphone case / cat-eye sunglasses / red and white striped blouse / red lipstick