Paris in 72 Hours

Today we have avid traveler and photographer Adrienne Barber with us. She’s going to take us around the world with her. I hate to say this, but I’m a Paris virgin! I know, I can’t believe it either. So all of her tips and favorite places are going right on my Paris list. Make sure to click through because there are more tips and amazing photos to see! — Meg

Paris Lights // Photo by Adrienne Barber

It goes without saying that Paris is an amazing city. You could easily vacation there for weeks and weeks, but if you only have a weekend to check it out quickly, here are my general recommendations for exploring the city.

First Things First — Drop your stuff at the hotel and go see the most important thing on your list. This could be the Mona Lisa, Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame, but it starts the trip off on a high and usually you can see a ton more in that area.

Leave Room for the Unexpected — I always recommend making two or three priorities for each day and then leaving room in your schedule to explore the nooks and crannies of the city. Top priorities might be the Paris Flea Market and Sacre Coeur and then you leave time to randomly walk the Montmarte neighborhood. (Note – I recommend this in all cities, but works really well in Paris). Also, Jordan of Oh Happy Day has a great guide on the Paris Flea Market.

Bring Your (stylish) Walking Shoes — The Metro system is great in Paris, but I always hate going underground. I am so fearful that I will miss a fantastic neighborhood or unique shop in the middle of my major stops. You can walk everywhere in this city, just make sure you are prepared with comfortable, yet stylish, flats.

Paris // Photo by Adrienne Barber

Merci Car // Photo by Adrienne Barber

Paris // Photo by Adrienne Barber

A few of my favorite places in Paris:

Merci — This shop is the definition of cool with a unique coffee shop and restaurant downstairs. While there, check out all the floors, the adorable car out front and maybe a photo strip to commemorate your trip.  (111 Boulevard Beaumarchais)

Le Castiglione — Absolutely delicious steak frites and not far from the Ritz, so you can grab a nice glass of champagne after dinner.  (235 Rue St-Honore)

Dalloyau — This is a delicious specialty food store — lots of pastries, chocolates and yummy macaroons. There are several of these in Paris, but I think the 101 rue du Faubourg location is the best.

Plaza Athenee — Classic Paris hotel — grab a cocktail here to kick-off your own personal 5-Star ‘pub crawl’ around the city. (25 Avenue Montaigne)

Museo de Orsay — The renovated museum is a MUST see during your Paris weekend. It houses many famous pieces of art and the building is extremely well-designed.  There are excellent cafes in here as well. The only draw back for me — they don’t allow cameras inside. (62 rue de Lille)

M Sign Paris // Photo by Adrienne Barber

Arc de Triomphe // Photo by Adrienne Barber

Carousel in Paris // Photo by Adrienne Barber

Arc de Triomphe // Photo by Adrienne Barber

Paris Hotel // Photo by Adrienne Barber

Eiffel Tower // Photo by Adrienne Barber

 All photos by Adrienne Barber