Linen Bedding

polished nickel desk lamp - white bedding - linen bedding - meg biram

I feel like making your bedroom a place where you can instantly relax can be helpful in helping you sleep better (I’ve mentioned before that often I have a hard time falling asleep). For me at least, I’m restless if I don’t like my surroundings, particularly in my own home. Creating a space that felt like a sleep sanctuary was important to me. We’ve had our bedroom furniture for years but luckily I picked something simple enough that it’s fine aesthetically (I’d love to replace it soon, but that’s low on the totem pole of shit that needs to get done). So I focused on the lighting, bedding, and decor to transform the space.

I’ve always wanted white linen bedding, and jumped at a linen duvet when it was on One Kings Lane (similar one here). I love wrinkly linen. It’s perfect for a bed. Even after sitting on it (like above) it looks like it’s meant to be that way. I love the white linen, but hate duvets with a passion. They NEVER stay in place, so if anyone knows where I can find a white linen coverlet please put a link to it in the comments. Although duvets were necessary when we had our dogs (tear, I miss them) so I see the need. The white shams are from West Elm several years ago, and the colorful pillow is vintage from One Kings Lane and I’m in love with it!

polished nickel desk lamp - white bedding - linen bedding - meg biram

Our old bedside lighting took up too much room on the nightstand (and I just wanted a refresh). So I opted for this polished nickel desk lamp on each side of the bed. I love the mid-century feel to it. It just has a little more character than your normal nickel desk lamp. Behind the lamp is my favorite photo from our wedding. I’m not the type of person that has tons of family photos in the living spaces in our condo, but the bedroom is more private and more appropriate for personal photos like this. This photo is of the first moment my husband and I saw each other the day of our wedding. We took photos before the wedding so we wanted to have a special moment, since the first time we saw each other that day wouldn’t be as I was coming down the aisle. It was so special and our photographer captured it perfectly.

On my nightstand there is always a book, or three. I read every night before bed for as long as possible. I also have a sketchbook on my nightstand as sometimes ideas come to me that I have to get down! A candle is a must. The one I have from Quintessence Paris is ammaaaazing. I also have a little platinum glazed bowl where I put my earrings because I usually forget to take them off until my head hits the pillow.

Have you made your bedroom into a place that instantly relaxes you?


Photos by Yvonne Rock

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