Real Life // 5 Random Things

Like everyone says, I never do posts like this. It’s very Facebook Notes/feels weird and stupid — except I can admit that I love reading them on other blogs. And since my girl Victoria tagged me… fine, here we go — 5 random things about me. And instead of tagging 5 other bloggers, because honestly I have no idea who hasn’t been tagged yet, I’m going to ask YOU to leave 5 random things (or not random? I don’t care) about you in the comments! I’d love to get to know you better.

Krispy Kreme donutsKrispy Kreme dozen by Joël Penkman

1. I LOVE donuts. Move over cupcakes, donuts are cool now (and they’ve always been my fave). Honestly, cupcakes are fine, but I could live without them. Donuts however… mmmmm with coffee…. mmmmmm….. the best. Not to mention they are the cutest things in the world (second to puppies). Let’s talk about donuts for a second. I am a regular cake with chocolate frosting type of gal, give or take sprinkles. That is my go-to. I also love the cinnamon/spice cake donuts, chocolate cake with a glaze donuts, pumpkin spice donuts, chocolate cake with chocolate frosting donuts… glazed are fine but are a last resort. And don’t even get me started on mini powdered sugar donuts. With chocolate milk. On a road trip. My mouth is watering right now. What are your thoughts on Krispy Kreme? I mean, I think they are good every once in a while, the regular glazed ones, but they are too light, I could eat 12 in one sitting without feeling full, hence why I like cake donuts. What are your favorite types of donuts? Do you have a favorite donut shop?

2. When I was visiting my grandparents in Ireland (when I was in high school) we went to a Pitch ‘n’ Putt (par 3 golf course). My grandma was teaching me how to swing a golf club and she told me to “hold it like a penis.” I’ll remind you now that I was in high school. You can’t make this shit up.

3. I taught myself how to french braid hair by practicing over and over on my red-headed Cabbage Patch doll, Frances (she looked just like this). Honestly, I’m weirdly talented at french braiding.

4. I don’t care that James Frey changed a few details in his book A Million Little Pieces. That was a great book. The publisher shouldn’t have labeled it a memoir, it should have just been “based on a true story” then there wouldn’t have even been an issue. And I think Oprah overreacted.

5. On a more serious note, I agree with Victoria & Grace when they both said they regret not studying abroad. I actually did study abroad, but I regret not doing it again. I graduated high school a semester early and moved to Mexico to immerse myself in Latin culture and the Spanish language before I went to college. I just wish I would have done it again in college and went to Europe. I LOVE traveling and just haven’t done enough of it lately and the lack of traveling I’ve done in the past 10 year is something I really regret.

What do you think, was that fun? Entertaining? Interesting? Shall we do it again in a few weeks? (I actually made a really long list).

Please tell me your 5 things below!