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I am g-u-i-l-t-y of online shopping for well, everything. From paper towels on Amazon to the majority of my holiday gifts — I usually go online. I do miss actual shopping sometimes — especially the feeling you get when you score a great vintage find. I still haven’t made it to all of the amazing stores the DC area has to offer, but my vintage bug has been satisfied with the new site Hunters Alley. Someone might have to put my credit card in ice because when I see something vintage that I love I deeply consider a purchase.

I love vintage items because they aren’t something you can just go get in any store. There’s a hunt, a story, built-in character. Hunters Alley is a new online resale marketplace that has unique vintage, pre-owned, handcrafted and artisanal items. Not only can you SHOP but if you are the person who already has a bunch of amazing vintage goods — you can also SELL. If you’re thinking this is just another eBay — you’re wrong because the people at Hunters Alley lightly vet and edit listings so that you are given only the best to choose from. This editing is a godsend — you know what I mean if you’ve ever spent way too much time sorting through the 60% of less than desirable items on Etsy you know how valuable this editing is.

If you like something on Hunters Alley but you aren’t ready to pull the trigger you can follow the seller and check back later, and see all of the other goodies they have (ahem my brass-loving friend Tobe has a little shop 200 Main).

All of these products are available (unless they sold!) on Hunters Alley. Now go get lost shopping on the site for an hour!


This post was done in partnership with Hunters Alley. All opinions are my own.