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I debated whether or not to post today as it is a holiday. I did make a pretty MLK quote over at The Well if you want a little dose of MLK. But when I opened up Facebook this morning it reminded me how beautiful life can be. Even in the hard, sad, and unfair things. These three things at the top of my Facebook feed brought me to tears.

1. A old colleague of mine from Hallmark left his job to pursue his dream of writing and making a movie. Which he successfully made, got William H. Macy to direct, and Selena Gomez to star in. Huge win, right? Now he’s headed to Park City for Sundance to see if the film will take off. If you are there, you should go see it. It’s called Rudderless. Back to Facebook. He wrote a post on Facebook this morning about how the movie is about unconditional love inspired by his (and his co-writers) parents and their families. The post was so raw and heartfelt, especially coming from a man. On Facebook. It just made me so happy to see someone living out their dream and being publicly vulnerable with their Facebook friends about it. It lets all of us be a part of the movie too. Beautiful in many ways.

2. One of my friends posted a photo of her happy grandparents in a pool and said “My grandma went to be with the love of her life in heaven last night. Hard to lose them both in 6 weeks, but so thankful to have witnessed their love story.” The photo is of her grandparents in the ocean looking very happy. I love how sweet it is when couples die so close together. Sad, but sweet, like they just couldn’t live without each other. And then for my friend to say she was thankful to witness their love story. Gets ya right there in the throat. I’m tearing up again. So sweet. So beautiful.

3. Then, my sister posted about her friend from high school who recently got cancer — for the 4th time (he’s in his mid/late 20s). She was telling me on FaceTime yesterday that he’s so positive about it and in high spirits. And she was like HOW COULD HE BE IN HIGH SPIRITS!?! She posted a link to his recovery fund on Facebook. As I’m sure you can imagine four rounds of cancer can would take its toll on any family. I love it when friends, family, even people you don’t know want to help out other people, even if it’s just by posting a link on Facebook. It’s really moving. It’s beautiful.

Regardless of if you like Facebook or not, hate it’s privacy issues, think people are obsessed with it or themselves — for me, I use my private page to keep in touch with old friends I would otherwise never talk to. I get to see videos and photos of my niece and nephew a lot more frequently than if my sister tried to text them all to me. I get to see stories like these three I mentioned today and see the beauty in life — all because we are so lucky to have the format of Facebook to share them.

Very few of my readers will know any of these people, but all of these little bits of stories just made me think about how beautiful life can be. How beautiful people are.

Life is beautiful.


Image via my Instagram