project pink - blair breitenstein - blonde lasagnaIllustrations by Blair Breitenstein of Blonde Lasagna

The day of love. Some people love it, some people hate it. Personally I’m indifferent to Valentine’s Day (my friends don’t believe me but it’s true). My husband loves to surprise me in random ways throughout the year and because he is so awesome consistently, I feel no need for him to do something on Valentine’s Day. Actually I personally think it’s a little cheesy. I wouldn’t be caught dead out to eat at a romantic restaurant on Valentine’s Day. I’d rather be at home with takeout or somewhere unexpected. Something messy and casual — like crab legs, or cheap like Shake Shack! Mmmmm Shake Shack… Basically I’m not a big romantic.

My husband and I are both sort of anti-trend. Like I mentioned in my post about Coach — when something becomes too popular I tend to not like it. Red roses and chocolates on Valentine’s Day — ick! To me that like saying I have absolutely no imagination/I haven’t paid attention to anything you’d really like/I don’t know what your favorite flower is/I’m the most unoriginal person ever. Now if those roses were hand-picked from your mom’s garden and you bought me chocolates from my favorite chocolatier, or chocolate-covered strawberries (my fave) I can get on board with that. At least it’s something more thoughtful than the generic overpriced red roses and Russell Stover heart box of chocolates. And please, no stuffed animals unless it’s a child.

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I buy flowers when I want flowers. And if my husband comes home with flowers and surprises me, especially when the world isn’t reminding him (during Valentine’s Day) to get me flowers it’s so so special. It puts a huge smile on my face that he just randomly thought to get me flowers. Back when I worked at Hallmark he sent me flowers during a particularly long week of photo shoots, and he even had the forethought to send them to the photo studio versus my actual office. It was so unexpected and special.

Guys, let me tell you the best idea (if your lady cannot imagine VDay without flowers), next year, send flowers to your her a few days before Valentine’s Day. Hello, everyone gets flowers on Valentine’s Day — so make it more special by sending them before so she’s the only person to get them that day. Or instead of sending flowers, send a huge box of yummy donuts for her entire office to share, spreading the love around to everyone.

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I do think taking time to have an intimate evening, day or weekend with that special in your life is important. Really important. So important in fact that you should be doing it a lot more often than once a year. It takes the pressure off Valentine’s Day and you don’t end up paying inflated Valentine’s Day prices for everything.

One of my friends came up with the idea that once a month her and her husband have a mystery date. They take turns planning it and switch off each month. So each of them are only responsible for planning the date 6 times a year! Genius! They plan whatever they want but it’s a mystery to the other person. How fun is that!? I love the idea and think I might have to adopt it myself.

I realize my outlook on the heart-studded holiday might be in the minority, and if red roses, a heart box of chocolates, and a romantic dinner makes you happy — great! It’s just not for me. I’m just hoping for a hand-drawn Valentine from my niece and nephew.

What do you think about Valentine’s Day? What do you typically do? What’s your favorite memory? Do you like flowers & chocolate?