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If you’ve been reading MB long enough you might know that me and my Mr. don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day. We would just rather surprise each other randomly, and we aren’t big on gift giving in general. We both just tend to buy what we want. No expectations, no issues, no drama. I realize we are in the minority, but we’ve also been married for almost 11 years, so we just know what works for us.

Personally I’d rather use occasions to create memories by doing things together. So for each tangible gift I am suggesting today, I am also suggesting some sort of experience to go with it. So if you are wanting to do something more than just give a physical gift (or a card, chocolate, flowers, etc.), I’m going to give you ideas for a physical gift that is more of a symbol or the container of the actual gift.

But sometimes the best gifts are the simple ones — writing your love a heartfelt letter, taking them to dinner somewhere special to you guys (whether it’s a dive or something expensive, it doesn’t matter), or going to see a movie that you don’t really want to see but your partner does. A lot of my suggestions are travel related because I think travel is really important and that as Americans a lot of us feel guilty about traveling a lot. But trust me, these experiences will last a lifetime (and the surprise and lengths you go to to plan it will buy you brownie points for a long time!).

If you know someone that might need some help getting their partner a gift — send them a link to this post! And maybe a hint or two!



CHOCOLATE — If your gal loves chocolate, it’s an easy gift to make cool. Kelly Wearstler has partnered with Compartes and has an entire line of cool chocolate bars. Make chocolate the theme of your gift and take her out for fondue! I feel like fondue is always a memorable experience.

LINGERIE — This lace bra is not only beautiful, but she can wear it all the time. It’s not just for nights if you know what I mean. Pair this with a surprise stay at a local luxury hotel (a one night staycation is all you need) and you are setting yourself up for a good evening.

CANDLE — Such a chic candle and the scent, burning rose, just sounds sexy. Candles make me think of bubble baths, with wine and music. Just sayin…

CLUTCH — This red clutch is 58% off (lucky you!). You could give her this gift a few days early, with a note inside (any maybe cash or a gift card) that says — go buy yourself the perfect outfit to wear with this clutch. You could even say where she’ll be wearing it — tickets to a play, the opera, a restaurant she’s always wanted to go to?

JEWELRY — A ring always looks good with a fresh manicure, hint hint.


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CLOTHING — A floral jacket makes me think of the botanical gardens. Always in the 80s inside no matter how cold it is outside, and usually there are butterflies. Make sure to bring your camera.

JEWELRY — When a necklace is named “cupid” it’s a no-brainer. It’s also handmade in California. Take her somewhere where you can both make something with your hands — cooking class, make pottery, you’ll be surprised how fun it will end up being.

CANDLE — This isn’t just any candle, it’s Fornasetti. She’ll be so excited to burn this, and clean it out and use the container for something else. Because this candle has a nose and mouth on it, take her somewhere where you use those senses — wine tasting at a winery perhaps.

ART SUPPLIES — If you prefer to give something more practical, give her some art supplies she’s had her eye on. Maybe she doesn’t really need this item, but it will be fun for her to play with, like these pens in every color imaginable. Pair it with a boozy art night where you paint and drink.

IPHONE CASE — Fill this iPhone case with that new iPhone she’s been wanting.

JEWELRY — When I look at these mouth earrings I think of laughing. Stand-up comedy is always a good time.


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DESTINATION NECKLACE — Give her this necklace to remember a place you’ve already been together, or maybe to surprise her about a place you will be going to … when she reads the charm her eyes will get so big and she’ll look at you like — OMG are we going there!?! How amazing would it feel to say, yes, and watch her reaction.

TRAVEL POUCH — For the girl who loves organization and travel, these travel pouches are amazing. If you are surprising her with a trip, put something in the pouch that alludes to the destination. Think about what you will need at the destination. Bug spray? Bikini? Chapstick? When she looks at what’s inside the pouch quizzically, tell her she’s going to need that when you guys are in ____.

TRAVEL WALLET — Get this travel wallet monogrammed, such a great personal touch. Also comes in red & black. There’s a slot for travel documents — slide those plane tickets in there, she’ll freak!

LUGGAGE TAG — You have to make your luggage stand out so it doesn’t get picked up by someone who thinks it’s theirs! Get her this shiny luggage tag so she never loses her bag. Get a guide book of a place you both want to go, wrap it and use this luggage tag as the bow on top. Before she unwraps the book she’ll be like, why is there a luggage tag on this book, then she’ll open the gift, see the book, and your smile will say enough.

BEACH TOWEL — This one’s easy, she needs this beautiful new beach towel because you guys are headed to the beach for a mid-winter getaway, she probably needs to work on her tan!


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LE WEEKEND TEE — Tell her she can wear this le weekend tee on the weekend away you have planned.

HEART HANDBAG — Any girl who can pull off a heart handbag (also comes in red) has to be someone who likes to have fun. Think of somewhere fun to go where she can carry her new heart handbag. A concert, festival, play, comedy show.

HEART COIN PURSE — Tell her to look in the coin purse, where she’ll find something. Coins from the country you are taking her to. She’ll die. (You can get them at the airport exchange booth, yes go to all that trouble!)

CHARM NECKLACE — This NY necklace is the perfect way to remember that trip you guys took to NYC, or the one you are going on. And you could always continue adding charms

HEART DUFFEL BAG — Give this heart bag to her and tell her to pack it up with a blanket because you are taking her on a picnic! Bring lots of wine.

HEART MOUSEPAD — This chic black and gold heart mousepad is perfect for your #girlboss. Since Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, send her flowers at work the Wednesday before — she’ll never expect it and will get to enjoy them for the days leading up to Valentine’s Day.


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SOCKS — These heart socks are just fun (also come in red), and they are unisex, so ladies, you can get them for your guy too. I love taking long walks, on a beach or just around the city. Take your gal on a long leisurely walk, and stop everywhere she wants to. Hold her hand, wrap your arm around her, and pose for every selfie she wants to take with a smile.

SWAN DRINK HOLDER — For those of you near a beach or where it’s warm enough to enjoy a pool at this time of year, this inflatable swan drink holder is fun and funny. Ask her to take an afternoon off and just lounge in the pool or at the beach with a few drinks together.

EARRINGS — At only $28, these are chic stud earrings. They come in several colors as well. Make her favorite dinner, set the table, light some candles, put on some music, and give her your sweet gift.

SMALL BEAUTY ITEM — Lip balm, nail polish — girls love little beauty items. They don’t have to be expensive. And neither is a mani/pedi from the place around the corner. You probably need a pedi too — go together. They usually run around $30 per person. It will be a fun, relaxing hour to spend together. Maybe even a little funny if you are ticklish on your feet like I am.

FANCY MUG — She’ll love drinking her coffee or tea out of this lip tease mug. Take her to that coffee shop she loves, the one that’s out of the way so you rarely go, but it has great coffee and pastries. Maybe even stop into a book store and get a new book or magazines on the way.

PANCAKE SET — Get up early, make coffee, set the table, and wake her up with this pancake set. Then make pancakes together. Sets you up for a happy romantic day no matter what you do.


Hope I’ve given you some good ideas to spoil the one you love. It doesn’t even have to be for Valentine’s Day — these ideas are good for any time of year that you want to go out of your way to show your partner you love them.

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What do you like to give/receive for Valentine’s Day? Do you celebrate it?