winter fashion accessories - meg biramThere is finally some real snow here in DC today. Literally a snow day — the government is off and I’m not kidding you. That should make all the midwesterners laugh. When I worked at Hallmark in Kansas City there was never a snow day, and we had a lot of snow. Sometimes people would take off or work from home if there was an ice storm or 10+ inches of snow, so I find all of this freaking out over a few inches pretty hilarious.

If you are home for a snow day, it’s actually a great time to get huge discounts on winter merchandise. I love shopping winter products when there is still a few months of winter left, but they are already steeply discounted, so keep your eye on your favorite items!

WINTER FASHION (clockwise): Target Herringbone print scarf / ASOS Noisy May Jacket / J.Crew Chevron Checker Glittens / Brooks Brothers Shearling Trapper Hat (on super sale) / J.Crew Chunky Cashmere Scarf / Isabel Marant Nowles shearling-lined leather wedge boots / Club Monaco Faux Fur Cashmere Gloves