Daily Goals 2015

So I decided to try changing up how I set my goals this year. Basically follow my own advice! I decided to make daily goals (that would turn into habits) as a way of making sure I do the things I want to do daily. Most of these goals are the same as they were in January. Some I did well, some not so well.

I already drink a ton of lemon water every day and I think I get close to 60 oz of water each day, but I want to make sure I’m hitting that, plus drinking warm lemon water in the morning. I always drink more water on the week days because I’m in a routine at the studio, but the weekends is where I need to make sure I’m also getting enough in.

One of my more unusual goals is to send an actual letter everyday (Monday through Friday), just because. If for some reason an email is better than it can count, but I try to do a letter. It’s one of those things for me where (not to get morbid on you) but if I died or someone I love died, I’d just hope I’ve told them everything I want to say to them. This is my way of trying to do that on a daily basis. I started this in January and probably only got about ten written and sent, but that’s ten more letters than I sent in 2014.

This month I’m setting the goal of reading at least six books. I was hoping to hit ten per month. In January I was able to finish four, but I’m almost done with two that I started in January.

Everyday I try to get at least one green juice in. It doesn’t always happen. I make my own at home most of the time, and juicers are a bitch to clean, plus mine is on it’s last leg and could break at any moment so I’m in the market for a new one. I started a new thing where I make the juice at night, but I make extra to bottle up and take with me in the morning. That way I get one at night and one in the morning, and if I don’t have time that night (or just get lazy) then I’ve already had one in the morning.

I also try to eat a salad for lunch at least four times a week. This is something that actually started happening when I started working out of my Georgetown studio. There are two great salad places within a block of my studio so it makes eating a salad for lunch really easy. You might be wondering why I don’t just bring a salad for lunch, but I use most of my veggies at home to juice, and honestly I feel like I can never make a salad as good as other people. Lunch is one of the few luxuries I allow myself because it’s a healthy habit. I didn’t eat green veggies until I started juicing five years ago, and I don’t like most vegetables raw or even cooked (hence why I juice, or put them in my smoothies, or make soup out of them), so if I actually like and want and crave a salad for lunch everyday — I’m going to work it into my budget.

My one minute of focused breathing is sort of my attempt at meditation. Sometimes I do two minutes or even more, but by keeping it short I actually do it, and maybe the easier it gets the more time I’ll add.

The 10 minutes of exercise is similar to breathing. You can’t argue that you don’t have 10 minutes to spare at home every night (for me, especially since I don’t have kids), so if I tell myself I have to workout for at least 10 minutes, it is something attainable that can actually happen everyday. There’s all sorts of things you can do without any gear — although a yoga mat, a med ball and some dumbbells can be helpful.

The new thing I added that I didn’t have last month is an epsom salt soak twice a week (so it’s not really a daily goal, but I don’t care). Since we have a super shallow shower/bathtub I’m just going to do an epsom salt foot soak twice a week. I’m thinking Thursday nights during Project Runway (the only show I actually watch when it airs every week) and maybe on Sunday or Monday nights. I added this to my goals/habits because I’ve read so many good things about it, and recently read of benefits I didn’t necessarily know about so I want to give it a try even though I’m not sure that there’s any scientific evidence to back it up — it’s worth a shot!

My last daily goal is to write. I am always writing — posts for this blog, for The Well, ebooks for The B Bar, my own ebooks (coming soon!) — but not that type of writing —  but writing just for me (and I joke for my memoir later in life). I regret not keeping all of my journals from middle school, high school, college — but I’ve always been the type that once I’m past something why would I ever want to remember it or relive it? Well, now I get why people keep that stuff — makes for great stories later in life and is pretty hilarious to read what you wrote when you were 16. But I cannot resurrect my old journals, but I can start keeping them from now on. I don’t even know that it could be considered a journal — just writing.

I’ll be refining my daily goals each month, and once they become a habit, I will just take them off the list.

Do you have goals that you try to do daily? What are they?