11 Going On 12

Meg Biram - Fall Trees

I promise I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. I’ve been so busy with murals and photo shoots since I got back from New England that I didn’t even remember my own website anniversary! MegBiram.com celebrated 11 years earlier this month, so I’m now in my 12th year of blogging (mind-blown emoji).

When I decided to focus on art this year, and finally started putting it out there more often to try to transition my career in that direction, I had a feeling that my life would change dramatically. Painting murals wasn’t what I thought my new “art life” would look like, but things rarely turn out exactly how you see them in your head.

I thought I’d just be painting away in a studio, selling paintings, doing art collaborations, and sharing that on social and my site along with my regular blogging work, but lately it’s been back-to-back mural projects and travel — and I’m loving every minute of it. Although I would like to have time for regular paintings in addition to murals!

I haven’t given up over here. I think blogging and content sites that produce regular content (a few times a week or month) are really valuable. I have no plans to abandon the blog, but obviously I’ve scaled back from daily posting for now. I post daily on Instagram, but Instagram is just a taste. The blog is where the longer stories are told. It’s where you can find the in-depth information.

So what exactly have I been up to lately?

Well, a lot. I’ve been non-stop working every day (even weekends) since I got from our trip to New England. This is busy season for just about everyone and in my industry you take the work when it’s coming. Or at least I do. I’ll rest over the holidays, but for now, I’m go go go! And I’m loving it! Not complaining at all. I’m so grateful to be so busy doing work I love.

I was in Chicago shooting some fun videos with CB2 for the holidays (see them soon on Instagram!), and I’m currently working on finishing a huge mural at a new DC restaurant, and I have 7 mural projects in the works. I finished a few murals recently as well — Julie’s and one for Emporiyum. I have a bunch of wine tastings coming up for the holidays (Did you know I’m also a wine rep? Mostly a passion project because I’m obsessed with the wine and this wine doesn’t give me headaches.), a few more trips, and all of the blog content I have planned and am working on.

My house, my workouts, and Hemingway have probably suffered the most through this constant work. I just haven’t had time to be as on top of household stuff as I usually am, and poor Hemi — he’s used to getting at least 60 minutes of walks in a day and lately it’s been much less. And we’ve done a little more takeout than usual but something had to give, and me going to the grocery store and cooking all the time is one of those things.

Hope you all are having a lovely fall season!

Outfit details: Krewe sunglasses from The Shoe Hive; All Saints Leather Jacket, Love You Tee, Black Jeans, Clare V. Bag, Anine Bing Booties


Photos by Luke Wright