12 Apps To Help You GSD (Get Shit Done)

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Today’s GSD (get shit done) is all about apps. These little guys have made our lives so much easier in the past few years. Remember when we didn’t even have cell phones!?! Am I dating myself by saying that? I didn’t get my first cell phone until I was 16. Never had a pager, but once I could drive my parents thought it would be a good idea to be able to get ahold of me. Oh life was a little easier in some ways without all this technology wasn’t it? It was easier to get away with a few things when I was in high school at least…

To help you GSD I’ve picked out 12 apps that I either use, or know people who swear by them. Please tell me what your favorite apps are in the comments. Would love to see them/check them out.

Top Row:

Bank of America — I don’t know about your bank, but BoA’s app kicks ass. I was so skeptical of depositing checks via mobile and even through an ATM until the past year or so when my husband made fun of me for literally driving up to the bank on Saturday mornings to deposit my checks. Even though I’m all about technology in most ways, for some reason this one scared me. But I can say I’ve never had an issue, and am so grateful for mobile deposits!

Pomodoro — This is a time management app. Through the app you can read all of the info on the proven method of productivity. It’s a timer in 25 minute increments with a 5 minute break. There are a ton of free apps that basically do the same thing, and you can find which one works the best for you, but by having a little timer staring you down, you can set a goal for a task or project for that 25 minutes, and do your best to accomplish it before the buzzer goes off. Try it for a few days, see if it helps with your productivity.

TeuxDeux — This is a simple to-do list. Whatever you don’t mark off automatically transfers to the next day. It’s super simple and well designed if that is important to you. You can also create additional categories for to-do lists that are separate from your main one. I use those for gifts I need to remember to send, shopping lists for projects, etc. As much as I think other more in depth to-do apps and lists are great, I personally need simplicity, and this works perfectly for me. You account syncs so that you can also pull up the website on your computer and use it from there.

Genius Scan — Seriously, this app has saved me SO MUCH TIME. I’m always signing documents for projects and this has made that process so much easier if they want an actual ink signature (I know, hello you can digisign now) but I’ve had clients that prefer I print the document out, sign in pen and scan and send it back or fax it. Fax? What? No. And scanning, bleh. Thanks to this app it takes a fraction of the time.

Notes — This specific one is only an iPhone app and comes installed on the phone but I’m sure there is an Android comparable for every app anyway. This is like a digital notebook with chapters that you can erase and rewrite and delete whenever you want. Um, hey Apple, think you could redesign it though? Aesthetically it’s pretty ugly — a yellow legal pad, and the brown font, no. Luckily you can change the font to Helvetica under Settings because seriously, Marker Felt… no. I’m sure there are other better notes apps, here are 100 to check out, but I’m currently using this one because it’s easy and was already on my phone. Anyone have a note app they suggest?

Hailo — It’s basically like Uber for Cabs (see Uber below). You can use Uber to get cabs in some places, but some cities didn’t take to well to Uber. This app solves that issue. Currently this app works in Washington DC, New York, Boston, Chicago, Toronto, London, Madrid, Barcelona, Dublin and Cork. I haven’t used it yet, but if it’s anything like Uber, I will love it.

Bottom Row:

Repeat Timer — With this timer you can either use it like the Pomodoro app for productivity, set a timer to go off in intervals, or remind yourself to take pills daily. Anything you need to do or remember you can set a timer for. I always forget to switch over my laundry, so setting a timer helps me not forget!

SignEasy — Sign documents or collect signatures. On your phone. So awesome.

PayPal and PayPal Here — The regular PayPal app is obvious if you have a PayPal account. Having the ability to check on things from your phone makes going on vacation or afternoon happy hours no sweat as you can keep tabs on anything you need to in your PayPal account. The PayPal Here app is a mobile payments app (similar to Square). Request one of PayPal’s mobile card readers that plugs into your phone, start up the app and start taking payments. The ease of this for my business has been amazing. I can’t even imagine doing business five years ago. It’s so much easier to get paid and pay people for things nowadays.

Facebook Pages Manager — To help you keep on top of all of your Facebook pages finally there’s an app for that. The regular Facebook app has never been praised for it’s ease-of-use, same with Facebook in general. But this app really does make it easier if you are trying to manage multiple Facebook pages. Hooray!

Uber — Like I mentioned above in Hailo, Uber is a car service app. Ever get stranded in the rain, and there are no cabs in sight? That was me yesterday. In a downpour in Georgetown. It’s so easy, you just get on the Uber app (it finds you via GPS). You approve your location for pickup, it finds the nearest Uber driver, you request a pickup, and boom they come get you. I cannot tell you how awesome this app is if it’s available in your city. To use it you just put your credit card in (by taking a picture of it!!!) and you don’t have to worry about tipping or anything. It’s all included in the fee. Is it more expensive than a cab? Yes, about 20-30% more. Is it worth it in a pinch? Absolutely. Rain, late night, tons of bags to carry — I use Uber. Every single Uber driver I’ve had was nice. They usually have bottles of water in the car. They always help you with your bags and try to open your door (even though I find that usually unnecessary). My most memorable Uber moment was when I got an Uber Hybrid in San Francisco, and the guy had donuts from his favorite donut shop in the back. “Cut in half” he said because girls never like to have an entire donut. I am not one of those girls (I like full donuts), but that did allow me to try two flavors without feeling like a pig and eating two donuts.

Time for you to dish your best apps — I want to hear what they are (a link would be great), why you love them, and how you use them.

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