You know me — have to look good even at yoga! I’m very particular about the clothing I wear pretty much all the time and that includes working out. I’m in need of some new stylish workout clothes and I found so many amazing items. It’s crazy to see how creative and innovative workout clothes have come in the past decade.

I was doing ClassPass (which lets you go to a bunch of studios) and thought it was great, but I found myself mostly wanting to go to CorePower Yoga and they have two studios that are very convenient for me (so I have NO EXCUSE not to go!), so I ended up joining their unlimited Black Tag program. So far it’s been amazing. I personally love the Hot Power Fusion because it’s sort of a shortened form of Bikram which I love, but I’ve also taken the sculpt classes — whew they are intense. Such a good workout!



I actually have the Pro Mat and I love it. It’s a non-slip mat, but when I’m doing a really hot class I have to put my mat towel down about halfway through class. It is heavy though, so if I were to buy another mat, I’d get the Pro Lite Mat to save my shoulders a little tension. Since me & the Mr. currently only have one car, I tend to carry my mat further than just from the car to the yoga studio, so the heavy mat is a bit more of a burden for me than for someone who drives.

For towels I like the eQua towels. They are thin, high quality, and they soak up the sweat really well. If you do any type of hot yoga, you’ll need a mat towel and a hand towel. The first time you wash it, only wash it with like colors! Also I’m not a fan of the yogitoes skidless mat towels. I find the little rubber guys to be irritating to my hands through the towel, so if you were thinking you needed one of those I don’t recommend it. The regular eQua towels do fine on my Pro Mat.

Let’s talk about your hair. For a hot class or an intense class getting your hair in order is a must unless you want to be fussing with it all class. When I forget my headband I’m like DANG! I use these headbands and they rock — nothing fancy, just functional and cheap. I use these awesome no rip hair ties and they are amazing. I will never use regular hair ties again.

With the amount I sweat in class, cleaning my mat is a must. I can’t even imagine how gross it is (I don’t want to know…). So I keep a little bottle of this mat cleaner in my bag and spray it down as often as I remember to.

Being hydrated is soooooo important — just in life in general. I’ve been trying to find a glass water bottle with a mouth big enough to put ice in and to easily clean, but not too big of an opening to where I spill water all over myself. I also wanted something cool. I feel like so many water bottles are so bright or have a pattern and I just wanted simple. Black. Glass. And I finally found it this black glass water bottle.

So, how to I get all this stuff to the studio? I have this black yoga bag, and I this mat carrier. I used to have a full mat bag (it got stolen along with my mat) but I actually felt like it was annoying to get my mat in it, and there wasn’t enough room for towels, water bottle, a change of clothing, etc., so I much prefer the mat carrier and a separate bag to a mat bag.



As for clothing, it’s been a while since I bought new workout clothes, so I’ll definitely be shopping from my own post. I like to keep my workout clothes in the family of black and gray, but once in a while there’s a fun print I can’t resist, like these clouds print leggings and these marble leggings. I have two pairs of leggings from the brand that makes these gray leggings and they are SO SOFT. Like unbelievably soft, and I don’t know how, but you can be dripping in sweat and the pants look the same — no sweat marks! These black metallic leggings are so cool — get. in. my. closet.

On top, I’m not quite to the point where I’m comfortable going only bra with no tank in class. Maybe I can get my abs to that point this calendar year — we’ll see. Honestly, I don’t need that much support, so I’m loving this black bra. This bra has a fun pattern, and I love the floral pattern on this tank.

Obviously you can wear all of this clothing for any workout — I’m just on a yoga kick right now.


Do you have any yoga products you love? Do tell!


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