20 Fun & Funny Gifts Under $25

Perfect for your White Elephant Party or a Coworker!

fun funny white elephant gifts under $25

Another popular gift guide recommendation you guys gave me was for affordable gifts for a coworker. Unless you know the person really well, it’s always good to go for light humor or just something fun or even useful. So I’ve collected 20 gift ideas all under $25 that are perfect for a coworker, a white elephant party, or even if you are just looking for a fun/funny gift for almost anyone.

1 // No Drama Club Mug — Also comes in a flask if that’s more your thing.

2 // Stickers — Because who doesn’t love stickers! Fun for kids too!

3 // No Bad Days Tumbler — Daily positive reinforcement.

4 // Matcha & Milk Frother — It doesn’t have to be matcha, this works for anything that needs to be frothy.

5 // Cat Silicone Egg Mold — For the cat lovers out there, this egg mold is hilarious and a functional gift too!

6 // Dog Silicone Egg Mold — As a dog person, I couldn’t not include the dog egg mold!

7 // Giant Rainbow Playing Cards — Fun in two ways — rainbow and giant!

8 // Cloud Alarm Clock — For your coworker who can never seem to get to work on time. Or maybe this is a little too sensitive, but still cute!

9 // Mini Light Box — Write fun messages on this affordable light box.

10 // Llama Duster — This is a HILARIOUS gift for a coworker.

11 // Pineapple Sipper Cup — Drink your daily water out of this fun cup, or your daily adult beverage…

12 // Party On Wayne Tee  — Younger folks might not get this but those of us who do will think it’s an awesome t-shirt!

13 // Mini Waffle Maker — This is so cheap it’s almost unbelievable. And who wouldn’t want one!?! Comes in several colors as well.

14 // Donut Ornament — Donuts have always been one of my favorite sweets.

15 // Gradient Puzzle — I bet you know someone who is a secret puzzle person. Especially fun to have around during the holidays! Try doing one if you are stressed out sometime. It can really help you relax.

16 // Banana Salt & Pepper Shakers — Bananas are having a moment.

17 // Harry Potter Tumbler — For all the Harry Potter nerds out there.

18 // Champagne Please Bar Bell — Ding! Champagne please!

19 // Rainbow Ornament — Fun for both kids and adults!

20 // Selfie GloLens — Get your best selfies with this phone attachment.