PINEAPPLE ON HEAD // RWANDAMe in Rwanda in November 2015

Wow. 2015 was a great, crazy year. Definitely not what I expected (is it ever?) but one for the books. For most of it I was really busy with back-to-back projects, and then there was an inexplicable lull, followed by so much travel and projects I could hardly keep up. And it was amazing.

For me, the best and most memorable parts were the travel. My husband and I went on several trips this year. First, he was in a wedding in North Carolina at the Old Edwards Inn. We had fun hiking, and enjoying the change of scenery. In May we went to the St. Regis in Miami for a weekend and had a ball. Stuffed ourselves with delicious food, soaked up the sun, it was the best. And finally we went to Cabo with some friends in October.

I always go to NYC several times a year for work, and that’s always fun. But I also got to go on some amazing trips I will never forget — Zurich in August, Hawaii in October, and Rwanda in November.

So besides being a big travel year for me, it was also a big photo shoot year. I did a lot of client photo shoots (most of which you never see, or maybe do, but don’t know that I styled and directed the shoot) and a lot of website content shoots for my own site.

Busy and fun with lots of projects and lots of travel — just how I like it!

Here’s a look back at my year by month: 


+ Met Molly Sims and we took a selfie, and then it was in the Washington Post (horrid photo of me but whatever).

+ Wrote about what I learned in 2014.

+ I answered 25 questions.

+ Made a reading list for 2015.


+ Launched my YouTube channel (although having time to shoot & edit videos for it on top of everything else has proved challenging).


+ Spoke at Holly Chapple’s Conference in NYC.

Felt spent and took a little break from blogging.


+ Saw Jamie Cullum perform at the St. Regis.

+ Wrote about how to get better sleep.

+ Gave some recommendations on what to do and where it eat if you are coming to DC.


+ Stayed at the amazing St. Regis Bal Harbour in Miami (posts one and two).

+ Did a lot of reading.

+ My Georgetown studio was featured on the Washingtonian.

+ My home office was featured in the Washington Post Express.

+ Met Mika Brzezinski and Michelle of Milly, and interviewed and featured Mika in my GSD column.


+ One of my favorite photo shoots — FOOD!

+ Traveled to Captiva Island in Florida where I saw dolphins, went kayaking, and saw some incredible sunsets.

+ Collaborated with my friend and fellow badass DC entrepreneur, Virginia of DeNada Design, for a video project with HP.

+ Had a little art reception for my artwork that was up at a show for 6 months.

+ Was invited to the White House to be a part of the first group of media allowed to take photos! The Obamas lifted the no photo ban.


+ Went to Zurich, Switzerland! A few posts about the trip — An Afternoon to Remember, A Not-To-Miss Cafe, Eating My Way Through Zurich, and What I Wore.

+ Got a new camera lens that changed my life!


+ Launched my book The Life Edit!

+ Had a little hair incident

+ Updated my reading list.

+ Went to NYC with some of my best friends from college.


+ I went to Hawaii for the first time. Stayed at the Modern Honolulu for half of the trip.

+ Wore this floral number.

+ Met Jenna Lyons (of J.Crew)!

+ Vacationed with my Mr. in Cabo! Got stuck there for an extra day when our flight was cancelled. Didn’t hate it.

+ One of my favorite photo shoots from the year was this bordeaux dress I shot at The Kennedy Center.

+ Had some thoughts on creativity.

+ Talked about why I look forward to Mondays.


+ I went to Rwanda with kate spade new york. Posts so far — How kate spade new york is Changing the Game of the Social Enterprise Model, Photo Diary, and Heading to Rwanda.

+ One of my favorite photo shoots. I just love the movement in this sweater.

+ Discovered something about yoga.

+ Found the most amazing plaid shirt.

+ Celebrated 8 years of blogging!


+ One of my favorite photo shoots at the Lincoln.


What memorable things did you do in 2015?



Photo by Jeremy Stanley