2016 Year In Review

Mauve Dress

2016 went by so fast. I feel like I say that every year, but 2015 had a lull that did not feel fast, and this year there really was no break or time that felt slow. With each passing month I thought, no way, how is this month already over!?!

I’m going to do a more in-depth written post reflecting on 2016, but a few things stand out to me from 2016. We got a puppy, Hemingway, and moved into a new apartment in DC. I had some extremely memorable travel moments (Spain, Tangier, Iceland, Hong Kong, Lexington), I really dedicated myself to consistent workouts (mostly CrossFit, with some yoga & solidcore in there), and I invested in some things and took some steps to take my business to the next level (new website launching soon, ecourses I created and took myself, business coach, etc.).

Overall 2016 felt like a good, productive year. I was busy with client work and blog collaborations all year without any lulls. I felt like I thought about the direction I want to take this site and my work, and I’m on my way to getting where I want to go. I don’t talk about my marriage much because my husband is private and honestly, we have a really happy, healthy relationship, so while I think about how happy I am I don’t mention it here much.


A look back at my year by month:



+ I did Dry January for 20 days.
+ My grandfather died. I feel like I inherited a lot of my entrepreneurial drive and creativity from him.
+ Loved this metallic skirt shoot.
+ Talked about coffee.


+ I was nominated for a Shorty Award.
+ My husband and I moved to a new apartment in DC (bedroom, home office, details).
+ I got rid of almost all of my magazines.


+ Stripes and Bows make for a great photo shoot.


+ Got to hang out with Jamie Cullum at the St. Regis.
+ Went to Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific and this was my favorite part of the trip.
+ One of my favorite photo shoots from the year.


+ Went to Spain, Gibraltar, and Morocco. That took up most of the month!
+ One of my favorite posts — this mauve dress (photo above).


+ My husband and I adopted Hemingway.
+ I went to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
+ Wore my hair down (without a hat) for the first time since “the incident.”
+ Quick trip to NYC for some meetings.


+ Went home to Kansas City for 11 days.
+ We bought a new car. New to us, not brand new but I love it.
+ My mug was in Allure magazine.
+ Wrote about CrossFit.
+ Transformed my home office with a mural I painted.


+ Partnered with OPI to launch their DC collection.
+ Stayed at The Ritz-Carlton in Philadelphia.
+ Wrote about 4 Mindset Shifts That Changed My Life.
+ Was nominated for a Bloglovin’ Award. (You can follow my blog on Bloglovin’ here.)


+ Went to Iceland.
+ Flew in a glider plane. Scary AF.


+ Saw the legend — Adele — in concert. I die.
+ Taught an Instagram Workshop with Verizon.
+ Went to Lexington for Travel + Leisure magazine.


+ Launched my first online course — Your Ideal Year — 2 Weeks To Your Ideal 2017!
+ Reacted to Trump being the US President.
+ Celebrated 9 years here at MegBiram.com.
+ Started the Serious Book Club.


+ Toured the White House Holiday Decorations.
+ Went to Kansas City to visit family & friends.
+ Read a lot of books!
+ Went to the Christmas Bar — Miracle on 7th Street.

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Photo by Laura Metzler from this post.