2019 Goals

Each year I do a reflective post and a looking ahead post. Whether the looking ahead to means goals, or mantras, or intentions, or just a time that you reflect on the past and what you want for the future, it doesn’t matter. It’s just taking time to think about things in a bigger way whatever you define that as.

You can do it any day of the year, doesn’t have to be January 1st, or even in January! You can do this type of reflection at any time. But I love starting January off by looking back at the previous year, and taking stock of what I did or didn’t do, and giving myself a little dose of reality.

Being someone who is really career-focused and driven, reflecting helps me celebrate the good things I accomplished and see how far I’ve come, and learn from the past.

But one thing I want to mention about goal-setting and the like, is that some times we get too wrapped up in goal-setting and over-researching and we don’t TAKE ACTION and actually DO the things we say we want to do. That is where I know I’ve had issues in the past (getting in my own way) and I think a lot of people do nowadays as well. See my Start Small post!

Social media is always in your face about reading this book, or listening to that podcast, or going to a conference that’s going to cost you $4,000 after all the travel and hotel included. And while yes, some of that can be super helpful — you really just need to get started first. Because doing all that stuff can be done WHILE you are already doing what you want to do. And while going to a conference and getting pumped up and making connections is great, it’s even better to arrive with proof of your concept or product already. Catch my drift?

What if you meet the perfect connection and tell them all about your (fill in your thing here) and they are like, great, do you have a (link, website, photos, data, etc.) and you are like, oh actually it’s just in idea phase — you might lose them.

So with that said, this is a list in no order of the things I want to take action on this year.


My goals from last year are very similar to the things I have on my mind for 2019:

+ Paint and create art (of course!). This will probably be top three every year for the rest of my life.

+ Be more in the moment. More thoughtful. More loving. Be the best wife, friend, family member, dog owner, and colleague I can be.

+ More reading than Instagram scrolling.

+ Plan and do more things with the Mr. and people. Weekends away, dinners out, comedy shows, hikes, performances at the Kennedy Center, etc.

+ More effort with healthy eating habits.

+ Of my home renovations list from last year we ticked off several — the patio, my closet, the powder room — this year I’d love to do the master bath, the kitchen cabinets, and replace all of the lighting/fans in the house.

+ Produce quality content that is true to me. I already spoke about my shift in focus — from blogging to art. But the content I do create, I want it to be thoughtful, interesting, unique, helpful, etc. And I need to be more organized, efficient, and diligent in the process.

+ More museums, galleries, and live music.

+ Go to tennis camp or take lessons & then play regularly. (Played growing up and need some skill refreshers!)

+ Continue to pare down beauty products and use more clean beauty products.

+ Art-focused brand collaborations.

+ Show artwork in multiple cities in galleries and stores.

+ Invest in original art from other artists.

+ I finally have a few art studio options in the air. I’m waiting to see where a few of them land as they are still in the air. But once they do I have decisions to make and I just can’t wait to have an art space again. I can do small works in my home office, but being at home 24/7 drives me nuts and the big messy stuff needs to be done somewhere else.

+ Pare down wardrobe.

+ Go to art fairs. Plan ahead.

+ Plan travel with my husband. Plan travel with my gal pals. Plan travel with friends.

+ At some point I want a piano. It might not be this year, but at some point in the next 5 years I want to play again.

+ Better focus.

+ Push myself harder during workouts. Run more. Do yoga more.

+ Say NO to things I should say no to. I’m pretty good at this already but still do it sometimes.


What’s on your take action list this year?


Photo by Luke Wright